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Product Recommendations Pro for WooCommerce

Product Recommendations Pro for WooCommerce

Product Recommendations Pro for WooCommerce

Boost Sales with Smart Suggestions!

Revolutionize your WooCommerce store with “Product Recommendations Pro for WooCommerce”. This plugin smartly suggests products based on user activity, enhancing shopping experiences and boosting your sales.

Product Recommendations Pro for WooCommerce







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Ever pondered the subtle art of product discovery in the vast world of online shopping? It’s a delicate balance of insight, prediction, and personalization. When customers visit your WooCommerce store, they embark on a journey, a quest for products that resonate with their needs and desires. But in an ocean of options, how do you ensure that your products don’t just float by unnoticed?

Imagine this: A customer visits your store, browses through a few items but leaves without making a purchase. Usually, this would be a lost opportunity. But not anymore. With ‘Product Recommendations Pro for WooCommerce,’ these browsing sessions are transformed into valuable data, curating a personalized shopping experience. The plugin remembers the products they viewed, and the next time they visit, it showcases these items, reigniting their interest.

But it doesn’t stop there. ‘Product Recommendations Pro for WooCommerce’ goes beyond mere memory. It analyzes patterns – what customers view, what they buy, and what they revisit. It then uses this data to recommend products related to their interests. This could be items in the same category, related by tags, or even products frequently bought together. It’s like having a personal shopping assistant who knows exactly what the customer is looking for, even before they do.

For those who love a good deal, the plugin smartly showcases sale items related to products they’ve shown interest in. It turns casual browsing into targeted shopping, guiding customers towards deals they wouldn’t want to miss.

And for your regulars, those loyal customers who keep coming back, there’s the ‘Buy It Again’ feature. It’s like walking into your favorite store and finding everything you regularly buy, already waiting in your cart. This feature is perfect for routine purchases, making shopping effortless and more engaging.

‘Product Recommendations Pro for WooCommerce’ isn’t just a plugin; it’s a revolution in how online shopping is experienced. It turns your WooCommerce store into a dynamic, responsive marketplace where every customer feels like the store was made just for them. It’s not just about increasing sales; it’s about enhancing the shopping experience, making every visit a journey worth remembering.

Empower your customers, elevate their shopping experience, and watch as these small moments of personalized shopping turn into significant increases in sales and customer loyalty with ‘Product Recommendations Pro for WooCommerce’ by SaffireTech.

Here’s a list of all the widgets offered by the plugin

Recently Viewed Products Widget

This nifty widget tracks your customers’ browsing history, displaying a list of products they’ve recently viewed. It features a customizable AJAX slider with pagination and a ‘See More’ button, leading to a detailed page of viewed items. You have the power to tailor settings like “Products Per Row,” widget title, and more, ensuring out-of-stock items stay hidden. Plus, customers can delete items from their browsing history, giving them control over their shopping experience.

Products Related to Recently Viewed Products

Enhance the discovery journey with suggestions of products related to items your customers have shown interest in. This widget also employs an AJAX slider for seamless browsing and includes similar customization options, ensuring a tailored experience for both you and your customers.

Sale Items Related to Recently Viewed Products

Capitalize on customer interest by showcasing sale items related to their browsing history. It’s a strategic way to guide customers towards making a purchase.

Buy It Again

Perfect for repeat purchases, this widget displays previously bought items, complete with checkboxes for easy multi-selection and reordering. It’s ideal for routine necessities, adding convenience to your customers’ shopping routine.

Purchase History Related Products

Offer recommendations based on past purchases, introducing your customers to products that complement what they’ve already bought.

ReOrder Functionality

A ‘Reorder’ button on the ‘My Orders’ page makes it effortless for customers to repurchase their favorite items with just one click.

New Arrivals

Keep your store fresh and exciting with the New Arrivals widget. Showcasing the latest additions, it attracts customers looking for the newest products.

Best Selling Products

Showcase your store’s top performers with this widget, automatically highlighting best sellers or allowing you to handpick items.

Featured Products

This widget allows you to spotlight your featured products, drawing customer attention to items you want to push.

This plugin doesn’t just suggest; it enhances site performance with its AJAX slider, reducing load times. It offers both pre-purchase and post-purchase recommendations, expanding product visibility. Break free from standard WooCommerce shortcodes and gain control over your product displays.

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100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!

We guarantee you a complete refund for new purchases or renewals if a request is made within 15 Days of purchase


How does 'Recently Viewed Products' enhance the shopping experience?

It keeps track of items customers have browsed, making it easier for them to revisit and purchase products they showed interest in.

Can I customize the widgets to fit my needs?

Absolutely! You can adjust settings like “Products Per Row”, widget titles, star ratings, and sale prices to align with your store’s design.

Does the plugin offer recommendations for non-logged-in users?

Yes, our widgets provide personalized recommendations for both logged-in and non-logged-in users.

How does the 'Buy It Again' widget benefit repeat customers?

It simplifies repurchasing by showing products customers have bought before, with an option to add multiple items to the cart at once.

Will this plugin slow down my website?

No, the AJAX slider loads products dynamically, enhancing page speed and overall site performance.

Can the 'Best Selling Products' widget be customized?

Yes, you can choose to manually select products to feature or let the widget automatically showcase your best sellers.

How does this plugin help in post-purchase customer engagement?

By offering post-purchase recommendations, it keeps customers engaged and increases the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Is there a feature for recommending products based on past purchases?

Yes, the ‘Products History Related Products’ widget suggests items related to previous purchases.

Can customers control their browsing history?

Yes, customers have the option to delete products from their history or turn off their browsing history completely.

Are there options to highlight new arrivals and best-selling products?

Definitely! The plugin includes widgets for showcasing new arrivals and best-selling products effectively.

Is there a demo available to test the plugin before purchase?

Yes, we offer a demo of the plugin to help you evaluate its features and see if it meets your needs. click here to see the demo.


Option to Manage Browsing History for Users

Ajax Slider for Recently Viewed and Related Products

Re-Order Functionality

General Settings for Slider Design

Settings for ‘Recently Viewed Products’

Settings for ‘Products Related to Recently Viewed Products’

Settings for ‘Sale Items Related to Recently Viewed Products’

Settings for ‘Purchase History Related Products’

Settings for ‘Buy it Again Products’

Settings for ‘All Products On-sale’

Settings for ‘Best Selling Products’

Settings for ‘Featured Products’

Settings for ‘Newly Arrived Products’


Installation Guide

Checkout our guides and instructions to setup Related Products Pro for WooCommerce for a quick and hasslefree experience.

Product Support

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