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How can we help you?

It’s great to see your interest in our products, and we’re happy to help you!

Support for plugins on

If you would like support for our free plugins listed in the WordPress repository, we urge you to use the forums on – it’s the best place to get reliable support for the said products.

Presale or post-purchase support for products on SaffireTech

If you’re using a premium plugin or have downloaded a free plugin from this website, or you have a presale query, you can use the form below or send us an email at

Our support team will do their  best to respond to your queries and help you  with plugins at earliest. However, they’re human too. They’re available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 7:00 p.m IST (that’s GMT +05:30). So please be patient if you’ve sent us an email on the weekend.

Thank you!

To help us assist you better, kindly provide us the following in your post-purchase support ticket:

  1. The URL of your site or the page on which the issue is occurring.
  2. The WP-Admin Credentials of your site
  3. In case the issue is occurring for a special User Role, we will need the credentials to login to your site as that User itself.
  4. FTP Credentials in case of a coding related issue.
  5. Your permission to activate/deactivate specific plugins (in case the issue is the result of a plugin conflict) and test the issue along with a time preference of when we can do so.

Leave us a message

    Leave us a message

    Product Purchase Terms & Conditions

    All WordPress Plugins and Themes sold by SaffireTech are 100% GPL. Below are the terms and conditions applicable to all products purchased from the SaffireTech website.


    1. A purchased product license warrants support and updates for one year from the date of purchase.
    2. After one year, your purchased license key will expire. You can choose to renew the license at this point. A valid and active license key is required to continue receiving updates and support.
    3. If you do not choose to renew your license, you will still be able to use the product, but you will no longer receive updates or support.
      Example: You purchased the UpSells for LearnDash on 31st October 2020 & the license expired after one year. If you chose not to renew the license right away, you will still be able to use the plugin.
      If you decide on renewing the license on 1st January 2022, your license will be renewed for a year from this date and will expire on 1st January 2023.
    4. If you have purchased a lifetime license, please check the Terms & Conditions here.
    5. If you want to upgrade to lifetime license of your plugin/pack or want to upgrade from the base plugin to the packs or want to upgrade from 1 site licenses to 5 site/10 site licenses, you can follow the steps below:

    You can upgrade to any type of license by just paying the amount difference. You will have to login to your ‘My Account‘ page of your SaffireTech account.

    There you will see all your purchases. Click on ‘View Licenses‘ against the plugin/pack that you have purchased and wish to upgrade. And then click on ‘View Upgrades‘ and then upgrade to the license variant of your choice.

    *SaffireTech reserves the right to update product prices without prior notice

    Subscription Terms

    1. Subscriptions

    Subscriptions are yearly renewal charges for the plugins to be able to receive continued support and updates of the purchased plugin.

    2. Renewals

    Your purchased products are set on Auto-Renewal by default. This means that your card will be charged and the subscription will renew automatically on the due date. You will be notified in advance about the renewal and also when the renewal is made.
    If auto-renewal is disabled, you will need to manually renew your subscription. Notification emails will be sent out to inform you when the plugin license is about to expire.

    4. Cost of Renewals

    Same as the base cost of the plugin. If you had purchased the plugin at USD 50 a year back and if the current base price of the plugin is USD 70, then your license will be renewed at USD 70.  Discount is not applicable to renewals.

    5. Benefit of Renewing a subscription

    You will receive one year of product updates and support for the subscription that has been renewed.

    6. What happens when you don’t renew your subscription?

    The plugin will continue to work as it is but you will not receive any future updates for the plugin. Also, you cannot avail support for that product

    7. Auto-Renewals

    Auto-renewals are enabled on all of your purchases unless you have bought a Lifetime License for a product.

    8. Enabling Auto-Renewals

    If you have purchased a subscription product, you will have auto-renewals enabled automatically. If not, you can simply wait till your next renewal date and when you renew, your payment will be made part of the subscription plan.

    Support Services
    1. Basic support (which includes bug fixes) will be provided for one year after a product has been purchased. If you want to continue availing support on purchased products beyond a year you will have to renew your product’s license key.
    2. While we try our best to give solutions without getting into client WP site, some issues could be site specific which would require client site access to check the issue. The site data will be protected from our end and no refund will be granted if the client refuses to give us site access to debug the issue.
    3. All requests for new features will be addressed as customization requests and will be separate from the terms and conditions that apply to purchased products. The costs incurred to incorporate any additional features for a plugin will be borne by the customer.
    4. Support is not applicable if you have customized (core customization) the plugin.
    5. Support will not be provided if the plugin version is older than the last minor updates and if the license has expired. Any issues will only be fixed if you have a valid license.
    6. If you have an active license or a lifetime license for a product we’ve discontinued, we will provide support only until the license is valid (for yearly subscriptions) or for a year from the date of discontinuation (for a lifetime license).In order to avail support for SaffireTech’ extensions for WooCommerce, LearnDash, Gravity Forms, etc. make sure you are updated to the latest version (last major update) of these parent plugins.
    Email Policy

    Upon purchasing our product, you agree to receive emails related to the product (transactional emails, product update notifications, product “how-tos”, product support). We will not send you marketing emails without your consent.

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    We offer a 15-days guaranteed refund policy for new purchases or renewals. We don’t give out refunds if a request is made after 15-days of purchase or renewal.

    Partial refund requests will not be encouraged for individual plugins or plugin packs.

    To request a refund, fill out the support form on this page or write to

    Disclaimer for 3rd-party plugin support

    At SaffireTech, we ensure that we connect with and endorse only trusted 3rd-party plugins that work with our extensions. However, we are not responsible for the continued updates or support for the 3rd-party plugin, nor for the security of the data you provide to the 3rd-party plugin/service. Please read all service terms and conditions of the 3rd-party plugin on their website carefully, before you make a purchase.


    At SaffireTech, we ensure that we connect with and endorse only trusted 3rd-party plugins that work with our extensions. However, we are not responsible for the continued updates or support for the 3rd-party plugin, nor for the security of the data you provide to the 3rd-party plugin/service. Please read all service terms and conditions of the 3rd-party plugin on their website carefully, before you make a purchase.

    What kind of Support do you offer?

    Our support includes basic bug fixes.

    • Issues which clearly indicate a discrepancy between the way the plugin behaves on your site and as stated in the documentation will be treated as a bug.
    • Compatibility with third-party plugins are not considered as bugs, as we cannot guarantee that our plugins will work with all available WordPress plugins
    • Changes which request altering the behavior of the plugin to add a new feature will be considered as a customization request.
    I am using the plugin license on my staging site and now I want to move it to the production site. What should I do?

    Just deactivate the license on the staging site and activate it on the live site.

    I have not received my ‘Purchase Receipt’ email. What should I do?

    After making the payment, on the payment confirmation page If the ‘Payment Status’ says ‘Completed’, and you have still not received your ‘Purchase Receipt’ email, please check your spam folder in your mailbox. If you have still not received your email, after 24hrs of purchase, please contact us using the Support Form.

    How can I update the plugin?

    If you have a valid and an active license key, the plugin can be updated directly from the WordPress dashboard. Or you can download the latest version of the plugin using the download link included in the purchase receipt email.

    Where can I access my account from?

    Under the Products Menu, there is an “Account” tab or you can simply click here.