WP Job Manager and WooCommerce Subscriptions Customization for a Job Portal

We developed a job board portal by customizing WP Job Manager plugin along with WooCommerce Subscriptions and WC Paid Listing addon to allow our client to charge different amount of credits for job listings based on the choices made by their customers (employers) and their job packages (subscriptions).

Project Highlights

Plugin Development

Theme Customization

Woo Subscriptions

Filter Functionality

Website Development

Responsive Design

Client Background & Requirements

  • Our client is a recruitment agency based in the UK. They wanted us to develop a job board that allows employers to buy a subscription on their site and allows them to get it posted on premium job boards of their choice.
  • So, when employers buy subscriptions on their website and post jobs on their website, based on the job boards selected by their customers our client will get them posted to other premium job boards as per the selection made by the employer. So, the employers need to buy a single subscription to a single site instead of buying a subscription to ‘n’ different portals thus saving a lot of money and the hassle of managing multiple job board portals.

How did we provide solution?

We proposed a solution that involved using WP Job Manager with WooCommerce Subscriptions, and WC Paid Listing Add-on. We provided the solution as follows –

1. WP Job Manager Customization, Employer Subscription & Premium Job Credits Functionality

  • To offer subscriptions and allow paid listings, we first set up and configured WP Job Manager with WooCommerce Subscriptions and WC Paid Listings add-on.
  • We set up four different subscriptions and each subscription would have 4,8,12 credits depending on the type of subscription chosen.
  • Based on the subscription chosen by the client, the employer is assigned a certain number of credits. By default, WP Job Manager deducts credits by 1 unit when an employer posts a job.
  • But in our case, we wanted to deduct credits based on the number of premium job boards the employer has chosen. For example – if the employer chose Reeds, CV-Library & LinkedIn, then 3 credits were deducted instead of one.
  • So, we customized the job posting page template to accommodate a new custom field that allows employers to choose the job boards.
  • The custom field would show employers 4 job boards and allow them to select the ones they like.
  • When an employer goes to the preview page, they can see the number of credits that are going to be deducted from their job listing.
  • On the job listing submission hook, we determined the employer’s chosen job boards and deducted credits accordingly.
  • We also added a custom field in the employer’s backend that allows the admin to post the URL of the jobs that the admin has posted on premium job boards.
  • We customized the employer’s ‘All posted jobs’ page where they can view the URLs of their listing in their chosen premium job boards.

Screenshot – Premium Job Boards Credits Functionality

2. Candidate Profiles & Job Applications

  • The client also wanted functionality that allows potential candidates to apply for jobs on the portal directly and also by creating a profile on the job portal.
  • We used the Resume Manager addon for this purpose which allows candidates to create profiles and apply for jobs and the Applications addon so that employers can receive those applications in the back-end.
  • In the back-end, we customized a field called ‘candidate status’ and added other states like ‘Shortlisted’, ‘Interviewed’, and ‘Hired’ so that employers can put candidates in different states with respect to their status in the hiring process.

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