WordPress Website Development for SAAS Startup - Lynx

Project Highlights

Website Development
Plugin Development
Filter Functionality
Theme Customization
SEO Friendly

Client Background & Requirements

  • Our client Lynx has developed a SAAS product that is a Home Automation Platform. It is featured in the Top 10 Startups of Chicago, USA.
  • The website to be developed was targeted for two kinds of audiences: Property managers and  Vacation Rentals.
  • The product helps owners remotely operate doors, entrances, elevator, intercom, garage door & swimming pools.
  • Lynx integrates over 200+ smart devices of more than 35+ brands.
  • The client wanted us to develop a website that showcases it as a single platform for all home automation needs.

How did we provide solution?

We worked on the project as follows:

Verify Compatibility Form Functionality – Custom Plugin Development
  • The client asked us to develop a custom functionality where people can check if their device is compatible or not by providing their device model number.
  • We developed a custom plugin that will display a form and will have fields like Name, Company Name, Email & Device Name.
  • We created a Device Custom Post type(CPT) that has fields like the brand, device type, featured image & brand logo image.• We created a Device Custom Post type(CPT) that has fields like the brand, device type, featured image & brand logo image.
  • The Device Name text field which will have autocomplete functionality. When user types, an AJAX request is sent and matching device entries are fetched from the database & displayed here.
  • Once the user inputs these and clicks on submit, the user is shown the results.• If the device exists in the database, the user will be shown the result as: “Yes, We are Compatible” message with a ThumbsUp Icon, Device Image & Brand image else a Thumbs Down image with a message ” Sorry, We aren’t compatible Yet”.Every time a result is displayed an AJAX request is sent such that each entry is captured and inserted into the database.
  • We created session variables such that the inputs made by the user for Name & company will remain as auto-filled for the ongoing session.
  • To be able to export all form entries from the dashboard, we created an options page in the WordPress Back-end from where the user can select a date range, and corresponding entries in that date range are exported in CSV format.

Screenshot : Compatibility Form Functionality

Theme Customizations & other Web Pages
  • In Home page, we created a hero section that will have a featured video, tag line & short description of the product.
  • We created a section that showcases Smart Device Categories that Virtual Key Supports like Doors, Elevators, Entrances Pools etc..
  • A section that showcases the brands they support in a carousel format.
  • This is followed by a contact form section.
  • In Features Page, we added sections that depict the various features of the product.
  • We split individual sections into one or more columns such that the feature can be explained with text and supporting content like Image, Gif or a video.

What our clients have to say about us

SaffireTech has a very energetic and passionate team to work with. They stayed on schedule and delivered the promised finished product. I had a wonderful experience working with them and would gladly recommend them to others who need expert custom coding solutions done right and on time.

Resha ShroffCEO, Lynx

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