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Client Background & Requirements

  • Our client provides activity kits specifically designed to address the special needs of children who are in the autistic spectrum, ADHD, cerebral palsy or have a learning disability.
  • The website to be developed was targeted for parents/guardians of these special children who need these activity kits that aid the learning of these children.
  • Unlike normal e-commerce websites where you buy the product and do a quick checkout, this site required customers .i.e. parents/guardians of kids who wish to buy the activity kits to answer certain questions before ordering. The questions will ask parents to provide information on their children in regards to understand how developed the child is in regards to reading, writing, identifying colors etc.  Based on the answers provided, the child specialists at Caper will shortlist a set of toys that will help the learning for the child.

How did we provide solution?

To begin with, we developed this toy store e-commerce website using WordPress CMS with the WooCommerce platform. We chose the Salient theme & customized it as per the client’s functionality needs.

Product Questionnaire Functionality
  • As mentioned earlier that our client needed to have a questionnaire answered by the buyer before it is dispatched.
  • To implement the questionnaire, we used the ‘WooCommerce Extra Options’ plugin.
  • We set up the plugin to have a form with conditional logic. Based on the age group, the user will be asked to rate the ability of the child to do certain things/skills/activity.
  • Once this form is filled, the user will checkout and make the payment.
  • All the form details & the order info get submitted in the dashboard.

 Screenshot : Questionnaire Dashboard

Orders Export Functionality & customizing Advanced Order Export plugin
  • Once a transaction is completed, the child specialists at Caper will review the answers of the questionnaire.
  • Here, thee client wanted us to provide a functionality such that an individual order or all orders information be exported with the question-answers for reference of these child specialists
  • So we customized the ‘Advanced Order Export’ plugin such that the submitted values of custom options of WooCommerce Extra Options for each order is fed during XLSX export is triggered by the client.
E-commerce Functionality
  • As we chose WooCommerce, we got the basic e-commerce functionality like Product Pages, Add to Cart & Checkout.
  • We added the client’s actual products which are nothing but prepaid monthly subscriptions – one-time gift, 3-month & 6-months.
  • We added a questionnaire to each product.
  • We set up the GST tax classes for each of the  products and also configured invoice generation.
  • We added CashFree payment gateway for checkout.
Other Functionality
  • We also created other pages like Gallery, Blog, About etc as requested by the client

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