Media Mentions Widget with Search and Filters Functionality

Project Highlights

Plugin Development
Filter Functionality
Search Functionality
Theme Customization
Responsive Design

Client Background & Requirements

  • Our client is a national business advisory firm based in  Texas specializing in accounting, finance, and operations having multiple locations across US.
  • Our client wanted us to develop a widget that will populate recent articles published in popular publications which have been written by financial experts at Riveron.
  • When a visitor goes to this widget, they should get a list of articles which they can Search and filter articles by Content topic and Industry.
  • The client also wanted an interface in the dashboard through which they can submit entries to the news widget.

How did we provide solution?

We worked on the project as follows:

Media Mentions Widget –  Interactive  widget with Search & Filter Functionality
  • We created a custom plugin to develop this functionality.
  • To show news entries we first created a Media Mention Custom Post type (CPT) in the backend and created custom fields like Date, Publication, Topic, Expert using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin.
  • We created two custom taxonomies – Content Topics and Industry
  • We wrote a code that would populate all the entries from the back-end and sort them in descending order on the chosen page.
  • We added two multi-select checkbox dropdowns that will filter media mentions on AJAX based on user’s selection.
  • So, when a user makes a selection on the multi-selection checkboxes, the selected checkbox values are sent on AJAX calls which queries the database and populates results on the front-end.
  • We developed search functionality that will search for the keyword and return results using AJAX which works seamlessly with our AJAX pagination
    The keyword will not only be searched in the title and taxonomies of the media mentions CPT but also in the custom fields that we created for that CPT.
  • We also added AJAX pagination functionality which will add page numbers at the bottom depending on number of records, so a user can not only go through different pages to check media mention results but also without the page getting refreshed every time.
  • We added a clear button filter that will clear the existing selections made by the user and reset the UI to default setting.
  • Besides the plugin, we helped the client with a lot of customizations for different functionalities on the website.

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