Project Highlights

Plugin Development

API Programming

Tech Involved

Client Background & Requirements

  • Our client was a Horticultural Products Marketing firm based in New Zealand.
  • The client had certain stores throughout multiple cities across New Zealand.
  • As it is obvious, that stores cannot be opened in every locality, so the client wanted a page where the user can request for such convenience stores in their locality.

How did we provide solution?

  • We developed a custom plugin that will  allow the customer to select a location from a list of locations.
  • Once a customer selects a location, this info is stored in a database on AJAX request.
  • Based on the location chosen, the count will be incremented for the selected location.
  • We integrated Google Heatmap API in such a way that this dataset with location-count is given to API as input.
  • Then an API call is made & its response is a HeatMap which is rendered on the page.