Project Highlights

Plugin Development

API Programming

Tech Involved

Client Background & Requirements

  • Our client, A professional photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark uses Gallery3 to post his new photos every week.
  • The client wanted a solution where his fans/customers can showcase his latest photos on their site and also it should update automatically on weekly basis without any effort.
  • Develop a solution that will fetch the images from my client’s Gallery3 account so his customers can showcase his latest photos on their site with ease.

How did we provide solution?

  • We developed a custom plugin that will act as a widget to show images from gallery3 on the customers’ site.
  • The plugin is integrated with Gallery3 API & makes the API calls using valid credentials to get these images.
  • Also provided options page to enter API URL, API Key, choose no of images to be displayed & the grid fashion.
  • This plugin will be installed on fans/customer’s site; Every time customer uploads new pictures in a specific folder in Gallery 3, those images will get fetched and will be displayed on fans/customers’ sites