Gravity Forms Automation - Docx Auto-Fill Solution

We developed a custom WordPress plugin / Gravity Forms addon that helps automate our client's manual and time-consuming form filling processes.

Form Automation

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Client Background & Requirements

  • Our client, a US-based attorney, runs a law firm in New York wanted a solution for form filling process in their firm.
  • At our client’s law firm, approx. 400-450 forms are filled manually almost on a daily basis
  • Our client’s staff were manually typing/filling these forms out of which most of the data was redundant.
  • This would make the process boring, resource-intensive & time-consuming.
  • The goal was to develop a solution that automates the process for form filling such that client data taken once, can be used to fill ‘n’ number of forms on the fly & can be downloaded.
  • The Client wanted us to make sure that his clients’ details taken once should be saved & can be used again on-demand in the future.
  • Multiple forms can be mapped to multiple form templates and all the data gets filled on the fly and the result documents should be downloaded ready with a single click.

How did we provide solution?

To begin with, we chose Gravity Forms plugin and PHP Word Library.

1. Options Page to Upload Word Document Templates

  • The admin will first create the Gravity Forms of an offline form with the relevant form fields.
  • The administrator will then upload a Word DOCX Template of the same form.
  • Each field in the word document template will have the form field names which will map exactly to Gravity Forms field names.

2. Gravity Forms & Word Templates Mapping Page

  • Since one or more word documents might be mapped to a single online Gravity Forms, the administrator has to map the Gravity Forms to the corresponding DOCX Templates.
  • This mapping will be then be saved in the database and will be invoked later to decide template(s) to be used to map the Gravity Forms entries to fields.

3. DOCX Generation with Export Options

  • When the user has filled an entry in the Gravity Forms, it is saved in the Gravity Forms Entries page.
  • From there, a button ‘Generate DOCX’ will be used to generate resultant DOCX files which will map the Gravity Forms Entries to the form fields of the linked DOCX Template.
  • We used PHP Word Library to write the resultant data to be saved in DOCX format

4. Download and Email Options

  • The administrator can download generated DOCX file.
  • Furthermore,  the admin can also choose to email the generated DOCX files.

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