Custom WordPress Plugin Development with Instagram API Integration

We developed a custom WordPress plugin that integrates with Instagram API and shows latest Instagram feed on client's website.

Project Highlights

Plugin Development

API Integration

Action Scheduler

Responsive Design

Client Background & Requirements

  • Our client wanted a customized Instagram widget for their website that allows visitors to get a glimpse of the company’s events, people, and culture.
  • The Instagram widget should pull the latest photos from their company page periodically, show it in an infinity slider fashion and allow admin to configure widget settings from the back-end.

How did we provide solution?

We worked on the project as follows:

  • We did a custom API integration with Instagram that fetches the last 12 photos and updates them on the site periodically.
  • We developed it as a theme widget that can be added to pages, posts, and custom post types.
  • We provided a Settings page in the back-end from which access token and other settings like no of photos, background color, will be accepted.
  • For making periodic API calls, we used an action scheduler library that allows for a job queue that can be processed in the back-end and is more reliable than WordPress’s default cron job.
  • When the API call is made and if there is a new update, new images are stored in the WordPress media library and then shown on a carousel widget.
  • After fetching the new images, the old images are discarded from the media library automatically to avoid clutter in the media library.

 Screenshot: Instagram Feed in Action

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