Project Highlights

Website Development

Membership Website

Room Booking

Members Directory

Responsive Design

Theme Customizaton

Client Background & Requirements

  • Our client runs a coworking space business in multiple locations spread across Mumbai.
  • The client wanted to develop a website where they can showcase their multiple co-working spaces.
  • Every coworking space will have an image gallery, list of amenities, pricing section, types of plans, map etc.
  • As every coworking space has a conference room, the client wanted an automated solution that will take care of multiple conference room bookings.
  • Besides, the client also wanted a Member’s directory on the website which is solely accessible to members of the coworking space.

How did we provide solution?

To begin with, we chose ‘Team Booking’ plugin for Room Booking functionality, ‘Sabai Directory’ plugin for members directory functionality. We customized the ‘Salient’ theme for this project.

Room Booking Functionality
  • We configured ‘Team Booking’ plugin and created booking services for all conference rooms & meeting rooms for multiple locations of the co-working space.
  • Since this plugin is integrated with Google Calendar, we specified slot duration of 30min, so 24 slots of 30min each are made available for booking in the 12 Hrs of working time of coworking space.
  • We configured the plugin to send confirmation mail when  a booking is done along with a link to cancel the booking
  • The total no of bookings done by the members are tracked in the backend.
Member’s Directory Functionality
  • We configured ‘Sabai Directory’ plugin so that members can create their business listings on the site.
  • The user can enter a company logo,  description, business category, website URL, contact info and other relevant details.
  • Once submitted the listing goes for moderation and will go live once approved by Administrator.
Other Work
  • We customized the ‘Salient’ theme to give Look and Feel of a premium coworking space.
  • We also added a ticketing system so the members can raise tickets for the issues they are facing in their working space.
  • We created pages for each location which included the type of workspace available, pricing plans, gallery, Google map and amenities available.