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Installation Instruction
  1. In WordPress download the Plugin file & navigate to PLUGINS > ADD NEW
  2. Click Upload Plugin
  3. Browse for the .zip file you downloaded in Step 1
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Click Activate Plugin
  6. You will find plugin setting page on the Dashboard Menu named as ‘Cart Messages
Installation Instruction

License Activation

  1. Navigate Plugins > Activate Licence Key.
  2. Find your license key in the Purchase Receipt sent to your email or you can retrieve it from, My Account > Purchase History > View Licenses on the SaffireTech website.
  3. Enter Your license key in the license key field.
  4. Click Activate License.
  5. You will find the validity of your license below.
License Activation

General Settings

1. Click on Cart Messages > Global Settings.

2. In the Global Settings page you will find 3 sections.

  • Currency Settings: Here, you can choose whether to show or hide currency symbols in the Cart Message.
  • Message Settings: In this section, you can pick the default text color, background color, and the roundness of the Cart Message.
  • Button Settings: This part lets you set the default text color, background color, and roundness for the button within the Cart Message.
Global Settings

3. To view list of all your Cart Message Setting, click on Cart Messages > All Cart Messages.

Setting Up Cart Message for a Product/Category

– Click on Cart Messages > Add New or Cart Messages > All Cart Messages> click on the ‘Add New’ button.

– Add a title for your Cart Message Settings.

Add Title

– The Meta box ‘Cart Message’ contains all the setting options:

1. Show Cart Message based on Product/Category

With this feature, you can easily adjust Cart Message Settings based on Product Categories or specific Products.

  • Product Category: Look for the ‘Choose Category‘ dropdown in the next field. It lists all the available product categories. When you choose one, the selected setting applies to all the products in that category.
  • Product: In the field next to it, you’ll see the ‘Choose Product‘ dropdown. It lists all the individual products along with an ‘All Products’ option. The setting you pick here will apply to the specific product you choose or to all products if you select ‘All Products’.
Show Cart Message based on - Product
2. Message Criteria

Here you can select the type of Cart Message.

Message Criteria - Simple
  • Simple: This option creates a steady, unchanging Cart Message.
  • Amount: Select this for a Cart Message that automatically updates to show the changing total amount in your Cart as you update your Cart Page.
  • Quantity: Choose this to have a Cart Message that adapts to show the changing quantity of items in your Cart as you update your Cart Page.
3. Threshold

In this section, you can define the minimum amount or quantity needed for the Cart Message to appear when you’re using Amount and Quantity as your Message Criteria.

4. Start Date

This feature allows you to specify both the date and time at which the Cart Message should begin appearing.

5. Expiration Date

You have the ability to set the exact date and time when the Cart Message will no longer be displayed.

6. Timezone Configuration

The text message next to the Start Date indicates the timezone of your WordPress platform. This timezone is applied both to the Start Date and Expiration Date settings. If you need to change the timezone, simply click on the link provided in the text message.

7. Enable Countdown Timer

This checkbox enables you to activate the countdown timer.

Countdown Timer
8. Countdown Timer Format

This field provides you with a drop-down menu where you can choose the style for the Countdown Timer. Additionally, a preview of the selected Countdown Timer style is displayed next to the drop-down.

9. Countdown Type

This field allows you to choose between two types of Countdown timers: Schedule Timer and Evergreen Countdown. If you select Evergreen Countdown, two additional fields, ‘Countdown Time’ and ‘Countdown Expired Text,’ will appear below.

Countdown Type
10. Countdown Time

In this field, you can configure the Evergreen Countdown Timer by specifying values in the ‘Days,’ ‘Hours,’ ‘Minutes,’ and ‘Seconds’ input fields.

11. Countdown Expired Text

Here you can set the message to be displayed on the Cart Message when the Evergreen Countdown ends.

12. Initial Message on Criteria Match

In this section, you can define the message that will appear within the Cart Message. You have the flexibility to include dynamic content using placeholders such as:

  1. Currency Symbol using ‘{cs}
  2. Countdown Timer using ‘{countdown}
  3. Dynamic Amount using ‘{price}
  4. Dynamic Quantity using ‘{qty}
Initial Message on Criteria Match
13. Message Icon

This field grants you the choice to assign an icon to your Cart Message. There are three options for the icon:

  • Font Awesome Icons: You can choose an icon from the available list of Font Awesome Icons.
Font Awesome Icons
  • Custom Icon: Upload your custom icon in jpg, png, or jpeg format, following the provided image size guidelines.
Custom Icon
  • No Icon: If you prefer not to have any icon on the Cart Message, you can select this option.
14. Threshold Message

This message will appear in the Cart Message when the amount or quantity for that item has reached the threshold value you’ve set.

Threshold Message
15. Show Call to Action

This feature enables you to include a button in your Cart Message. When you check this box, three additional fields will appear:

  • Button Label: Here, you can define the text that appears on the button.
  • Button URL: Specify the link to which the user will be directed upon clicking the button.
  • Open in new tab: Choose this option if you want the redirected page to open in a new browser tab.
16. Show in Checkout Page

Check this box to show the Cart Message on the Checkout Page.

Show in Checkout Page
17. Show in Product Page

Check this box to showcase the Cart Message on the Product Page. You’ll find an additional field titled ‘Initial Message for Product Page‘ when you enable this option.

Show in Product Page
18. Initial Message for Product page

Use this field to enter a message that appears in the Cart Message for a product before adding it to the cart on the product page.

19. Custom Style for Cart Message

When you check this box, you gain access to various customization options for personalizing the design of your Cart Message.

Custom Style for Cart Message
  • Message Background Color: This field allows you to choose the color of the Cart Message.
  • Message Text Color: Use this field to define the color of the text within the Cart Message.
  • Message Radius: Adjust the roundness of the Cart Message edges using this field.
  • Custom Icon Color: Set a custom color for Font Awesome Icons displayed on the Cart Message.
  • Message Box Border Style: Add a border style to the Cart Message. If you select an option other than “None” from the dropdown for border style, a new field labeled ‘Message Box Border Color‘ will appear.
  • Message Box Border Color: This field is used to specify the color for the border of the Cart Message.
  • Button Background Color: Use this field to set the color of the button.
  • Button Text Color: Define the color of the text displayed on the button using this field.
  • Button Radius: Adjust the roundness of the button’s edges with this field.
  • Button Background Color on Hover: Specify the color for the button’s hover effect in this field.
20. Cart Message Preview

Click this button to get a glimpse of how the Cart Message will be displayed. If you’ve overlooked any mandatory fields, this action will trigger an alert notifying you of the missing information.