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Installation Instruction
  1. In WordPress download the Plugin file & navigate to Plugins > Add New
  2. Click Upload Plugin
  3. Browse for the .zip file you downloaded in Step 1
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Click Activate Plugin.
Installation Instruction

License Activation

  1. Navigate Plugins > Activate Licence Key.
  2. Find your license key in the Purchase Receipt sent to your email or you can retrieve it from, My Account > Purchase History > View Licenses on the SaffireTech website.
  3. Enter Your license key in the license key field.
  4. Click Activate License.
  5. You will find the validity of your license below.
License Activation

General Settings

  1. To access the General Settings, you have two straightforward options:
    • Select ‘Settings‘ directly on the plugin tile for ‘Discontinued Product Stock Status Pro for WooCommerce‘ This will promptly direct you to the dedicated general settings page.
    • Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Discontinued Products Tab. Here, you can seamlessly access the General Settings tailored to your preferences.
General Settings
  1. In general settings, the first field is ‘Show Discontinued products in WooCommerce catalog?’ is used, when a product is no longer available, it won’t show up in the WooCommerce Catalog. But if you want those products to still appear on the archive page or when using WooCommerce shortcodes, you can change the settings to make it happen.
General Setting 1
  1. If you choose ‘Show Discontinued products in WooCommerce catalog‘, a new option, ‘Apply Grayscale effect on Discontinued products‘, will appear. Enabling this feature adds a grayscale effect to images of discontinued products on the archive page and when using WooCommerce shortcodes.
General Setting 2
  1. Choosing ‘Disable custom discontinued message for Discontinued products‘ will override the Product Specific Messages and it display the Global Message.
  2. The text input field ‘Enter the Global Message‘, this field enables you to set a customized message globally for all discontinued products, ensuring a consistent and tailored approach across your entire product range. To set the text color and the Background color for the Global Message you can set the ‘Text color for global message’ and ‘Background color for global message’.
General Setting 3
  1. When you choose ‘Hide Discontinued Products showing up in your Website’s search results‘, this option ensures that all discontinued products are concealed and won’t appear in your website’s search results. This provides a streamlined and focused search experience for your users by excluding discontinued items from the search output.

Setting Up a Product as Discontinued

Go to Products > All Products.

  1. To configure a Simple product as ‘Discontinued,’ follow these steps:
    • Open the Product Edit page for the desired product.
    • Navigate to the Inventory Tab within the Product Data meta box.
    • Look for the drop-down menu labelled Stock Status.
    • Select ‘Discontinued‘ from the options available.
Simple Product
  1. To set up a Variable product as ‘Discontinued,’ follow these steps:
    • Open the Product Edit page for the specific product.
    • Navigate to the Discontinued Products Tab within the Product Data meta box.
    • Select the checkbox labeled ‘Discontinued Product‘ to mark the product as discontinued.
Variable Product
  1. You can easily list and filter Discontinued products directly from the WooCommerce Product List. Simply navigate to Products > All Products to access the product list and utilize the filtering options for efficient management.
All Products
Filtered Discontinued Products

Setting Custom Discontinued Message for Individual Products

  1. Go to Products > All Products.
  2. Open the Product Edit page of that product. Go to the Discontinued Products Tab, where you will find a drop-down for Product Message Type, and select Product Specific Message.
  3. After selecting Product Specific Message, an editor box will appear where you can set your custom message for that individual product.
Setting Product Specific Message
Product Specific Message

Setting Similar Products for Individual Discontinued Products

  1. Go to Products > All Products.
  2. Open the Product Edit page of that product.
  3. Go to the Discontinued Products Tab from the Product Data meta box.
  4. Select Add Similar Products checkbox. After selecting the checkbox, two fields will appear.
    • Enter the Header Text.
      Here you can set a Custom Header for the Individual Products to display Similar products on the Product page of that Discontinued Product.
    • Select similar Products.
      Here you can select up to 4 similar products from the drop-down which will be displayed in the product grid on the Product Page of that Discontinued Product.
Add Similar Products
Add Similar Products-1