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Installation Instruction
  1. In WordPress download the Plugin file & navigate to PLUGINS > ADD NEW
  2. Click Upload Plugin
  3. Browse for the .zip file you downloaded in Step 1
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Click Activate Plugin
Installation Instruction

License Activation

  1. Navigate Plugins > Activate Licence Key.
  2. Find your license key in the Purchase Receipt sent to your email or you can retrieve it from, My Account > Purchase History > View Licenses on the SaffireTech website.
  3. Enter Your license key in the license key field.
  4. Click Activate License.
  5. You will find the validity of your license below.
License Activation

Adding New Student Notification

1. In WordPress admin dashboard Navigate to the “Student Notifications” post type and click on “Add New Notification“.
2. A new post type will be created, allowing users to filter students and draft personalized email notifications.

Adding New Student Notification

Student Filters

Student Filters-1
Student Filters-2
  1. Filter By Group and Individual: This field helps to choose between filtering students belonging to a specific group or retrieving all students, including independent learners.
  2. Select Group: If filtering by group, users can choose a specific group from all the groups created in LearnDash.
  3. Select Course: Users can select one or more courses. If filtering by group, only the courses in the selected group are available. If filtering by the Individual, all LearnDash courses are available.
  4. Select Action: Users can filter students based on their course progress, assignment submission status, or quiz performance.
  5. Course Action: Filter students based on their course progress (e.g., Started, Not Started, In progress). Additional filters are available when multiple courses are selected (e.g., all not started, at least one not started).
  6. Assignment Action: Filter students based on their assignment submission status (e.g., Submitted, Not submitted, Late submitted). Additional filters are available when multiple assignments are selected (e.g., all not submitted, at least one not submitted).
  7. Quiz Action: Filter students based on their quiz performance (e.g., Passed, Failed, Not attempted, Custom threshold). Additional filters are available when multiple quizzes are selected (e.g., all not passed, at least one not passed).
  8. Exclude Admins and Group Leaders: If checked, this option excludes admins and group leaders from the filtered list of students.
  9. Exclude Students Belonging to Group: Available when filtering by the individual, this option excludes students belonging to any group, keeping only independent learners in the filtered list.

Personalized Email Notification

In the email notification section, users can draft personalized email notifications for selected students. The following features are available:

Personalized Email Notification
  1. Email Subject Field: Users can enter the subject for the email notification.
  2. WYSIWYG Editor: A rich text editor is provided for drafting the email body, allowing users to format text, add images, and customize the content as needed.
  3. Placeholders: Users can utilize placeholders such as Student Name, Course Name, Quiz Name, and Assignment Name within the email body to dynamically populate student-specific information.For example consider the following messageDear {Student_Name},Congratulations on successfully completing your course {Course_Name}!  Your dedication and hard work have truly paid off.The Mail in real time would beDear John Doe,Congratulations on successfully completing your course Introduction to Calculus!  Your dedication and hard work have truly paid off.
  4. Notification Scheduling: Administrators can schedule email notifications for immediate delivery or specify a future date and time for delivery.
  5. Send Now Option: Users have the option to send the email notification immediately.
  6. Drafting: Administrators can draft email notifications without sending them immediately, allowing for further review and editing before sending.
  7. Rescheduling: Scheduled email notifications can be rescheduled for a different date and time.
  8. Disable Rescheduling: All fields, including rescheduling options, will be disabled 15 minutes prior to the latest scheduled time to prevent last-minute changes. However, administrators can still cancel the scheduled notification at any time before delivery.

Student Notification tab on course Page

All your announcements are not only sent to users via emails but also visible to them on frontend in a separate Notifications tab on LearnDash Couse page.

Student Notification tab on course Page