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Installation Instruction
  1. In WordPress download the Plugin file & navigate to PLUGINS > ADD NEW
  2. Click Upload Plugin
  3. Browse for the .zip file you downloaded in Step 1
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Click Activate Plugin
Installation Instruction

License Activation

  1. In the admin area navigate to SaffireTech License menu and you will get the SaffireTech License Page.
  2. This is the one place where you can manage the License of all of our plugins.
  3. Find your license key in the Purchase Receipt sent to your email or you can retrieve it from, My Account > Purchase History > View Licenses on the SaffireTech website.
  4. In order to activate your license enter your License Key and Press Activate.

Course-Product setup

1. Create a course LearnDash LMS -> Courses -> Add new.

2. Go to Product > All Products > Create A Product.

3. Now in the Product data meta box select product type as Course and under the General tab remember to set a Regular price to the course product.

4. Now in LearnDash Courses multi-select box select the name of the course you created in the previous step to link it with the current product and update that product.

Setting Up Name Your Price for Single Product

Enable Name Your Price for a course product

  1. Navigate to Name Your Price Tab 
  2.  Check the checkbox labelled “ Enable Name Your Price for this course product” 
  3. Once enabled, you will have access to fields where you can set the minimum, maximum, and suggested prices for the course product.

Minimum Price (Mandatory):The Minimum Price field is a crucial setting that ensures customers pay a minimum specified amount for the course product. Customers cannot make a purchase below this minimum price, ensuring that the course retains its value.

Maximum Price (Optional): The Maximum Price field provides you with the flexibility to set an upper limit on the price that customer can pay for the course product. This field is entirely optional and can be left blank or set to 0 if you do not wish to impose an upper limit. However, when used, it ensures that customer cannot pay more than the specified maximum amount.

Suggested Price (Optional): The Suggested Price field allows you to recommend an ideal price for your course product. While entirely optional, setting a suggested price can help guide customer towards a pricing range that aligns with the perceived value of the course. You can leave this field blank or set it to 0 if you don’t wish to provide a suggested price.

By offering these pricing options, you can provide customer with flexibility while maintaining control over the pricing structure of your course product.

Name Your Price on product page

Validation error on price below minimum

Validation error on price above maximum

General Settings
1. Enable Direct Purchase from course page

This setting lets you display the “Name Your Price” on the course page. It allows customers to buy the course directly from there, without having to go to the WooCommerce product page. When they click to buy, the course is added straight to the WooCommerce cart.

Name your Price on course page

Minimum and Maximum price validation on course page

2. Customize 'Take this Course' Button Text

When “Direct Purchase from Course Page” setting is enabled, you have the flexibility to modify the text displayed on the “Take This Course” button directly on the LearnDash course page.
This customization feature allows you to personalize the button text to better suit your website’s content or branding, enhancing the overall user experience.

3. Customize 'Add to cart' Button Text

This setting provides you with the ability to customize the text displayed on the “Add to Cart” button directly on the WooCommerce product page.

4. Custom Error Messages

This setting enables you to personalize the error messages shown to customers when they try to make a purchase either below the specified minimum price or above the maximum price for a product.

To make your error messages more informative and user-friendly, you have the option to use dynamic placeholders. These placeholders include:

{curr}: This placeholder allows you to incorporate the currency symbol into your error message.
{min}: You can use this placeholder to insert the minimum price amount configured for the product.
{max}: Similarly, the {max} placeholder helps you include the maximum price amount set for the product.

These placeholders dynamically replace with the actual currency symbol and price limits associated with the specific product.

5. Custom Labels

This setting empowers you to tailor the labels associated with “Name Your Price” elements, which are displayed on both WooCommerce product pages and LearnDash course pages. You have the creative freedom to choose and assign names to these labels that resonate with your requirements.

  • Set Name Your Price Label: This label represents the core “Name Your Price” feature. It’s the text that customers see to prompt them to set their own price for a course or product. By customizing this label, you can make it more appealing and in tune with your website’s tone and branding. For instance, you might choose to call it “Custom Pricing” or “Your Offer”.
  • Set Minimum Price Label: The “Minimum Price Label” is associated with the minimum price that customers must pay for a course. Customizing this label allows you to communicate this requirement clearly. You can make it more user-friendly by saying “Minimum Required Amount” or something similar.
  • Set Maximum Price Label: The “Maximum Price Label” relates to the upper limit on the price customers can pay. You can customize this label to ensure customers understand the pricing constraints. For example, you could label it as “Maximum Allowed Amount”.
  • Set Suggested Price Label: The “Suggested Price Label” corresponds to the price that you recommend or suggest for the course. Customizing this label lets you guide customers toward a pricing range that you believe reflects the true value of your offering. You might label it as “Recommended Price” or “Ideal Amount”.

Woocomerce product page

LearnDash course page

6. Prominent Pricing

This settings give you the flexibility to choose what pricing information is to be shown prominently on the WooCommerce product page and/or LearnDash course page, emphasizing what’s most important to your customers. You have the option to choose from minimum price, maximum price , suggested price also you can skip to highlight any price by selecting none.