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Installation Instruction
  1. In WordPress download the Plugin file & navigate to PLUGINS > ADD NEW
  2. Click Upload Plugin
  3. Browse for the .zip file you downloaded in Step 1
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Click Activate Plugin
  6. You will find plugin setting page under LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > FREQUENTLY BOUGHT TOGETHER

License Activation

  1. Navigate Plugins > Frequently Bought Together for LearnDash License Activation
  2. Enter Your license key in the license key field.
  3. Click Activate License
  4. You will find the validity of your license below

Course-Product setup

Before you can set UpSells using this plugin for your courses, please make sure that LearnDash courses are linked correctly with their corressponsing products listing in WooCommerce or Downloads listing in Easy Digital Download(EDD). ( You can ignore this if you're using LearnDash's inbuilt option to collect payments)

If you haven't linked courses with products, please follow the steps below - (Please note before you follow steps below you need to install WooCommerce Integration or EDD Integration for LearnDash installed and activated)

For WooCommerce

  1. Go to Product > All Products > Create A Product.
  2. Now in the Product data meta box select product type as course
  3. Now in LearnDash Courses multi-select box select only one-course name that wants to link the current product and update that product

For Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

  1. Go to Downloads > Downloads > Create a Product.
  2. Now in LearnDash Meta box in courses settings select one learndash course that you want to be linked with current product

Setting Up Frequently Bought Together Section for a Course

For settings UpSells courses follow the below steps

  1. Click on LearnDash LMS > Courses > click on any one course where you want to set the upsells.
  2. In the course edit page you will find a metabox with name Frequetly Bought Together courses.
  3. Click inside the metabox and select the list of courses you want to display as Frequetly Bought courses with the current course.

There is no limit to the number of courses you can add. Once you have saved your course, you and your customers will be able to see suggested courses associated with the course page.

Let your users know that the course they are viewing, is often purchased in combination with another course (see an example below).

Setting Discount

You can also optionally offer your customers a discount to your customers on buying all of the courses in the FBT widget. This plugin allows you to offer 2 types of discounts – Fixed and Percentage.

Fixed – Using this option you can choose to offer a fixed price discount on the total amount of all the courses present in the widget

Percentage – Using this option, you can offer a percentage discount on the total amount of all the courses present in the widget.

Display Discount if all metabox courses exist in widget: When enabling this option if we apply discount then the discount will only be eligible if all the FBT course is shown to the user for that course.

Apply a discount on course’s: Enable discounting on Frequently Bought Together courses

Discount Type: Can choose between discount types whether to apply flat fixed discount or a percent discount.

Discount Value: Allows to enter the total discount amount to apply for Frequently Bought Together courses.

General Settings


Choose Frequently Bought Together (FBT) Configuration

There are 2 options to work with this plugin:

  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

1) Display enroll count for the course: Shows a count of users (who enrolled for that course) next to each course in the Frequently Bought Together widget.

2) Image size for Courses in FBT Widget: Choose the size of the image of courses to be shown in the Frequently Bought Together widget.

3) FBT Widget Title: Use this setting to give a suitable heading to your Frequently Bough Together widget

FBT Widget Display:  This setting helps you select the way in which you want to show your Frequently Bought Together widget on the course page. The default setting is “After Course Description”. This will show the widget just below the course description. If you want to show the widget at a different position on the course page, then you can choose the “Using Shortcode” option. You can copy the shortcode and place it anywhere on the LearnDash course page.

  • After Course Description
    This option allows if want the Frequently Bought Together widget static to specific position i.e after course description.
  • Using ShortCode ( [ldfbt_frequently_bought_product] )
    This option gives freedom to choose any position on the LearnDash course page only to display Frequently Bought Together widget.

WooCommerce FBT Setting

Show FBT Widget on WooCommerce Product page: If you enable this setting, FBT widget will also show up on the corresponding WooCommerce product page that is associated with your LearnDash course.

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) FBT Setting

Show FBT Widget on EDD product page: If you enable this setting, FBT widget will also show up on the corressponding EDD product page that is associated with your LearnDash course.

Show FBT Discount on Emails, Receipts & Orders: By default, EDD doesn’t show discount separately on emails, receipts and orders. If you enable this setting, then you’ll be able to show FBT discounts separately on all emails, receipts, and order dashboard.

*Note: This option only works properly if using Easy Digital Download (EDD) below version 3

Hooks & Filters

Action hook’s

$course_id (int) course id of current course

This helps to display anything below course title so admin can add anything below course title.




$currency (string) currency symbol of price.
$course_id (int) Current course id.

This allows you to add a custom currency symbol instead before price.