Proctoring Courses and Exams on LearnDash to Prevent Cheating for a Court Classes Education Company

We customized LearnDash Quiz for a court classes education company to allow them to validate the identity of the students throughout the quiz completing the online courses on Gun Safety, Driving, and Pet ownership.

Client Background & Requirements

Our client offers court ordered classes in the US for people who are ordered by the court or a government official to take classes for gun safety, driving and pet ownership. After the course is completed by the student, they are required to give a test based on what they learned in the class. To ensure that it’s the students themselves giving the test, they asked us to customize the quiz in a way that it asks them several identity based questions throughout the quiz and if they answer a certain number of questions wrong, then they are asked to retake the test.

How did we provide solution?

The client had a list of 10 identity questions that would be asked during the quiz. These were personal questions like What is your birth date, What is your mother’s maiden name etc So, we had to ensure that we had answers to all of these questions before we started the quiz. As a result, we customized the registration page to ask these questions to the student who was registering and store them after registration was completed through custom fields. All of these fields were later saved to WordPress user profiles.

1. Identity Questions during the quiz

The main task here was to ask these identity questions to the student as the quiz progresses. To ask questions to the student, we created a popup that will bring up a random identity question to students at a random interval during the quiz. The student would be given 90 seconds to answer the question on the popup which cannot be closed or avoided.

To further avoid any cheating we disabled certain keyboard and mouse events like F12, Refresh, Right-Click and Back button. The student would then answer the question and it would be matched against the answer provided by the student during registration. Only when the student answers the question, the popup would unfreeze and allow the student to continue taking the quiz. If a student answers 90% of the questions right and passes the quiz, only then they will be awarded the certificates.

2. Answer CSV Download Functionality

Our client wanted us to keep a track of all answers provided by the student for the identity questions answered during the course quiz. So they can have a record for each student who answered the quiz. As a result, we stored these answers with identity questions per user course-wise in the user profile which can be downloaded later from WordPress user profile page in a CSV format.

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