Culinary Classroom: Crafting a LearnDash Website for Restaurant Role Training

We developed a LearnDash website for our client Click Begin who wanted to sell courses to restaurants related to cooking, waiting and other job roles.

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Project Highlights

LearnDash Development

Theme Customization

WooCommerce Setup

Responsive Design

Client Background & Requirements

Our client runs a training company based in South Africa. They wanted us to develop a LearnDash website that allows them to sell courses related to various job roles involved in a restaurant.

How did we provide solution?

We proposed a solution that involved using LearnDash LMS, WooCommerce and Groups Plus plugin.

1. Theme Customization

  • We customized the client’s theme to suit their brand and their business needs.
  • We worked on different parts of the theme templates, emails and course listing page and customized it to suit their requirements.

2. LearnDash Quiz Customization

  • We added a new question type requested by the client – Audio Question
  • Basically it allows the student to record answers for a question using a mic.
  • The students get the control for recordings – start, pause, end, restart, submit
  • Once the student clicks on submit, the audio gets uploaded.

3. Course & Reporting Setup

  • The client had all the course content ready in the xAPI / SCORM format and they had requested that they also need basic reports in place so that Group Leaders can view how good the students in the group are performing.
  • To accomplish this, we suggested Tin Canny Reporting plugin, that helps you do both of these in a single plugin.
  • After the course was uploaded successfully, we set up the course as the client wanted and also the reports.

4. Groups Plus Customization

  • For the bulk enrollment, we suggested using LearnDash’s Groups Plus plugin.
  • We installed and performed a basic setup of the Group’s plus plugin.
  • By default, the plugin wasn’t compatible with the chosen theme, so we customized the Group’s plus interface to match it with the test of the website and made responsive fixes to make it mobile-friendly.

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