Elevating Pilot Training: A Comprehensive LearnDash Website for Aspiring Aviators

We developed a LearnDash website for our client Wise Pilot who wanted to sell tests to aspiring pilots who need certifications.

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Project Highlights

LearnDash Development

WooCommerce Setup

Theme Customization

Responsive Design

Client Background & Requirements

Our client runs a pilot training company based in Canada. They wanted to develop an elearning platform that allows them to sell tests that an aspiring pilot would need to clear for certain pilot certifications.

How did we provide solution?

We proposed a solution using LearnDash and WooCommerce and performed the following tasks:

1. LearnDash Course Page Customization

  • For the course page, the client wanted a sidebar that shows up on the right side of the course page with certain stats related to the course like No of lessons, No of Topics, No of Quizzes that allows the student to know what’s included in the package.
  • We first created custom fields for the above stats on the Course Custom Post Type (CPT)  using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin and then  customized the theme’s LearnDash course page template to have a right sidebar to show those stats.
  • We also ensured the sidebar was mobile and tablet friendly.

2. Theme Customization

  • We have customized the theme chosen by the client to make it suit to their overall brand and their business needs.
  • We customized the home page, all courses page, the main course page emails templates and course listing pages.
  • We also customized certain aspects of LearnDash course pages as per client’s needs.

3. LearnDash Quiz Customization

  • We added functionality that allows our client to add a PDF file in the question from LearnDash’s backend.
  • The student is given a certain document that they have to view before answering the questions.
  • We customize the LearnDash’s question template to enable the user to view the PDF comfortably on the question page itself.

4. Course & LearnDash Setup

  • We set up and configured the LearnDash as per client’s needs and preferences.
  • We uploaded and setup the course content as requested by the client.

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