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The Top 5 Woocommerce Countdown Plugins in 2024

By April 19, 2024April 22nd, 2024WooCommerce
The Top 5 Woocommerce Countdown Plugins for 2024
The Top 5 Woocommerce Countdown Plugins for 2024

Setting up a countdown timer on your WooCommerce site is vital. It instills a sense of urgency among consumers. Making them act quickly and buy the products.

By default, WooCommerce does not offer you a countdown timer. So naturally, you have to opt for a countdown timer plugin to integrate on your site.

Be it Scheduling a timer for a discount on a newly launched product or using an Evergreen timer to create a sense of urgency, we got you covered.

In this blog, we will cover the top 5 countdown timer plugins for your WooCommerce store. Also discussed their features, pros, and cons. So let us get started.

1. YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown

The YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown plugin adds urgency and scarcity. It displays a countdown timer on product pages. This feature prompts customers to act quickly.

With this plugin you can set up tailored offers that are available for a specific time frame. Such as the Black Friday sale or Thanksgiving sale. This boosts sales and conversions. The plugin is easy to integrate and supports multilanguage setups. This ensures that your countdown messages reach a global audience.

This plugin lets you create a sale bar that updates in real time. This reflects the urgency as products sell out. This plugin’s customization options allow you to tailor the countdown’s appearance.  We recommend you hire a WooCommerce developer if you are unsure how to do it.

YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown

The features of this plugin are:

  • Countdown Timers– For each product, you can display a countdown showing the remaining time for an offer or the quantity available.
  • Sale Progress Bars– Indicate the time left for a product sale with eye-catching progress bars. Your customers will feel the urgency to buy.
  • Customization– You can tailor the countdown and sale bar content to match your preferences.
  • Flexible Placement– Choose where to showcase the countdown. It can be on the product page or the category page.


  • This plugin creates urgency with a countdown. It encourages customers to act faster.
  • The plugin is highly customizable. It allows you to change layout, colors, font sizes, and label text.


  • It might get tricky to get started with.
  • Excessive use on every page might get glitchy.

Pricing– The YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown plugin is priced at $69.99.

2. Dynamic Cart Messages Pro for WooCommerce

The Dynamic Cart Messages Pro for WooCommerce stands out among countdown plugins. Because it allows you to showcase a countdown timer directly on your Cart Page. Yes, you read that correctly! This plugin lets you show personalized messages with a countdown timer. You can show them on the cart page, at checkout, and on product pages.

Moreover, you get two types of countdown timers. A Schedule Timer, and an Evergreen Timer. You even get to set your countdown timers in 4 different styles. Once done, you can check how your countdown timer looks with its cart message through the Preview button.

Using Prioritized Messaging store owners can set cart messages by priority, ensuring customers see the most relevant offers first. For example, If a customer adds two shirts to their cart, then a cart message shows ‘Buy 1 more shirt from the female’s section to avail a discount of 20%’. Once the customer does this, you can show a cart message- ‘Buy 1 product from overall products to avail free delivery!’. It creates a sense of urgency with customizable countdown timers that prompt swift purchasing decisions.

Dynamic Cart Messages Pro for WooCommerce

The features of Dynamic Cart Messages Pro for WooCommerce are:

  • Urgency-Driven Countdowns– You can set customizable timers. They create urgency, pushing customers to decide faster. You can add a Schedule timer and an Evergreen countdown timer.
  • Strategic Placement– You have the flexibility to display messages on the Cart, Checkout, and Product pages. They influence purchasing decisions at every step.
  • Sales Boost– The plugin is designed to boost sales by displaying personalized messages on the Cart Page. This motivates customers to increase their cart value.
  • Prioritized Messaging– You can set cart messages by priority using ‘Prioritize Cart Messages’ feature. It ensures the most relevant offers appear first.
  • Call to action– With this feature, you can display a call to action button on your cart message. You can even redirect your customers to the ‘terms and conditions’ of your website.


  • The plugin is designed to boost sales by displaying personalized messages on the cart page. This nudges customers to increase their cart value.
  • It offers Scheduled and Evergreen countdowns can be set up to create urgency and drive sales.
  • This feature lets you order cart messages by priority, making sure the most relevant offers are seen first.


  • The free version does not offer you the countdown timer feature for the Cart page.

Pricing– The pricing of Dynamic Cart Messages Pro for WooCommerce starts from $59.

3. Countdown Timer Ultimate

The Countdown Timer Ultimate is a WooCommerce countdown plugin. It adds urgency among users and boosts engagement.

You can easily include custom countdown timers on your WooCommerce site. You may be running a limited-time offer, promoting an event, or highlighting product availability. This plugin can help you drive clicks, increase sales, and create urgency. This plugin also supports customization. You can add a countdown timer personalized for your site by opting for our WooCommerce development services.

Countdown Timer Ultimate

The features of the Countdown Timer Ultimate are:

  • Multiple Timer Types– You can create different types of timers. These include fixed countdowns (for specific events), scheduled timers (for planned events), and recurring timers (for events that repeat).
  • Customizable Designs– This plugin lets you choose from various clock styles and adjust circle widths. You can set background colors to match your website’s aesthetics.
  • Responsive and User-Friendly– The plugin works seamlessly across devices and offers a straightforward UI.
  • Integration– It is compatible with WooCommerce and EDD coupons. This allows you to display coupon expiry dates.


  • It’s designed to be easy to use and allows quick creation of timers.
  • It supports multiple time formats such as days, hours, minutes, and seconds, catering to various countdown needs.


  • While it offers basic styling options, adding complex effects or animations is not easy.
  • The free version is limited, and the Pro version, which offers more designs, can be pricey as it’s sold in a bundle.

Pricing– The Countdown Timer Ultimate is available for free.

Looking for a Countdown Timer plugin customized for your site?

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4. Sales Countdown Timer

The Sales Countdown Timer plugin creates a sense of urgency that encourages quicker purchasing decisions. By displaying a countdown timer on single product pages and across the shop page, it visually informs customers of the limited time available for special deals and promotions.

One of the key features of the Sales Countdown Timer is its flexibility. Shop owners can easily integrate the countdown timer using shortcodes, allowing for placement on any page within the site. The plugin is useful during sales campaigns. The ticking clock can significantly boost sales, improve traffic, and increase revenue.

Sales Countdown Timer

The features of Sales Countdown Timer are:

  • WooCommerce Countdown Timer– It displays sales countdown timers on single product pages and the shop page, notifying customers about the end of sales or the remaining sale product quantities.
  • Flexible Positioning– This plugin allows selection of the countdown clock’s position on single product pages, such as before or after the product price, add to cart button, or in the product picture.
  • Shortcode Support– The “{countdown_timer}” shortcode can be used to display the countdown clock on any page.
  • Sale Progress Bar– It includes a stock quantity bar that shows available products for sale, sold products, and products left, adding to the visual urgency for customers.


  • You can customize messages for upcoming sales and when sales end, with the ability to show how much time is left until the sale starts or ends.
  • Offers various options for where to display the countdown clock on product pages, such as before or after the price, add to cart button, or in the product picture.


  • While it offers customization, there might be limitations in design flexibility compared to custom-coded solutions.
  • It may be confusing for some users at first.

Pricing– This is a free plugin.

5. Countdown builder

The Countdown builder plugin offers a straightforward solution. It is effective for adding countdown timers to your website. This plugin is user-friendly. You can use it to make pretty and useful countdown timers. They could be for events, product launches, or promotions. It only takes a few minutes. This plugin is a great tool for website owners wanting to create excitement and urgency among their users.

Countdown builder

The features of the Countdown builder are:

  • Multiple Countdown Types– This plugin offers various countdown types such as circles, digital timers, flip clocks, and more.
  • Shortcode Support– You can insert countdown timers into posts/pages using shortcodes. This provides flexibility in placement.
  • Coming Soon Pages– This plugin gives you the option to create ‘Coming Soon’ or maintenance pages with countdowns for upcoming events.


  • The Countdown builder is straightforward to set up. It allows you to add countdown timers in just a few minutes.
  • It minimizes memory usage and page speed. This makes it efficient and less likely to slow down your site.


  • There may be some warnings/errors with the latest PHP version, which could potentially cause issues.

Pricing– The Countdown builder is a free plugin.

Wrapping Up!

The countdown timer feature is just as important as any other feature in booming your business. In this blog, we discussed the top 5 WooCommerce sales countdown timer plugins for your store. Each plugin has a unique set of features to ensure your store’s success. So, remember to consider your specific needs and choose the right countdown plugin for your WooCommerce site.

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