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The 7 Best LearnDash Membership Plugins in 2024

By March 19, 2024April 5th, 2024LearnDash
Explore the Best LearnDash Membership Plugins in 2024
Explore the Best LearnDash Membership Plugins in 2024

LearnDash stands out as a robust WordPress LMS plugin, empowering educators and entrepreneurs alike to deliver exceptional online learning experiences. As we step into 2024, the integration of membership plugins with LearnDash has become an important aspect in creating engaging, and personalized learning environments. This introduction delves into the finest LearnDash membership plugins of the year, each offering unique features that enhance the functionality and user experience of your e-learning platform.

From seamless user registration to advanced content protection, these plugins are designed to streamline the management of your online courses and members. Join us as we explore the top LearnDash membership plugins that are shaping the future of digital education in 2024.

1. Memberful

Memberful is a robust WordPress plugin designed to streamline the process of creating and managing a membership site. It offers a seamless integration with LearnDash, allowing course creators to easily sell subscriptions and protect members-only content. With Memberful, users can leverage a powerful dashboard to track metrics and manage their community effectively. The plugin simplifies the checkout process, making it quick and painless for new members to join, and provides a range of tools to enhance member engagement and retention.


The top features of the Memberful plugin are:

  • Multiple subscription options– Memberful plugin provides you with multiple ways of creating subscriptions such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.
  • Complete control– From adding a custom logo to adding custom fields, Memberful lets you do it all.
  • Inbuilt Reporting– Independent dashboard with metrics, charts, and activity feeds.
  • Integrations– This plugin lets you easily integrate popular services with just one click without much coding required. Even if you find it difficult, our Learndash website developers are always ready to help.


  • Memberful offers exceptional customer service with responsive support.
  • Memberful is beginner-friendly, thus providing a user-friendly backend that evolves with new features.
  • It also integrates with various platforms and services.


  • Some users find navigation on the backend challenging.
  • Feature limitations and occasional integration issues.
  • Cost may be a concern for some users.

Pricing– Memberful is priced at $49.

2. Restrict Content Pro

With Restrict Content Pro, you can effortlessly set up and oversee a membership platform using WordPress. It allows you to market and distribute your content, products, and services exclusively to your subscribers, while also managing access permissions. Additionally, the WordPress customization features empower you to tailor your website to match your branding, seamlessly integrate with preferred tools, and streamline your business processes. Plus, this plugin offers insightful analytics to help you track membership growth and engagement.

Restrict Content Pro

The best features of the Restrict Content Pro plugin are:

  • Tailored Email Communications– Restrict Content Pro can automatically dispatch a welcoming email to new members, issue payment receipts, and alert them before the expiration of their accounts.
  • Promotional Discount Codes– You have the ability to create unlimited discount codes and coupons through this plugin, which can be applied as either a fixed value or a percentage off.
  • Membership Data Export– Utilize this tool to generate a CSV file containing details of all active members within a particular subscription tier, or compile a comprehensive CSV of every member registered.
  • Flexible Membership Upgrades– This functionality allows members to seamlessly transition between different membership tiers, where they are only charged for the cost difference of the new membership level.


  • Restrict Content Pro is adaptable. It also offers numerous customization and integration possibilities through various options and hooks.
  • Designed to be lean, ensuring quick loading times and negligible slowdown of your website.


  • To keep the add-ons running, you need to keep paying the subscription fees.
  • To perform Advanced customizations you may need to have some coding knowledge or you can seek technical assistance from a qualified LearnDash developer.

Pricing– Restrict Content Pro offers a free version. Its premium plan starts from $99.

3. iMember360

iMember360 leverages Keap’s CRM and e-commerce capabilities to offer a secure, customizable, and fully automated membership experience. With iMember360, users can protect content, automate workflows, and enhance income opportunities through upsells and one-click purchases. It’s built for ease of use but offers deep integration with Keap, providing precise control over member access and content visibility.


The features of the iMember360 plugin are:

  • Easy to use– iMember360 is user friendly and easy to setup even for beginners.
  • Seamless integration– This plugin seamlessly integrates with LearnDash as well as many other platforms easily.
  • OAuth 2.0 Support– With this feature, you can ensure secure and modern authentication processes.
  • Drip-fed content– You can even schedule your course content as per your needs.


  • User-Friendly: Quick setup with default settings for ease of use.
  • Quality Support: Access to a responsive and experienced support team.
  • Highly Secure: Offers finely-tuned control over content visibility.


  • For more features you might need to purchase the add-ons which will increase your expenses.
  • Technical Knowledge Required: Some advanced customizations may need coding skills or professional assistance.

Pricing– This is a free plugin. For more features, you can opt for the premium version pricing for $57.

4. Memberium

Memberium enables the creation of automated membership sites and online courses, deeply integrated with CRM platforms like ActiveCampaign and Keap. It’s designed to work efficiently with Infusionsoft API, allowing users to build a powerful membership site without the need for custom coding. Also if you need any advanced customization to be done, opting for custom LearnDash development is highly recommended. Memberium is praised for its ease of use and is suitable for course creators, marketers, coaches, and anyone using ActiveCampaign or Keapw.


The top features of the Memberium plugin are:

  • Unlimited Courses and Memberships– Create and sell any number of courses or memberships without additional charges.
  • Integrations– Works seamlessly with LearnDash, LifterLMS, Sensei, WP Courseware, and popular page builders like Elementor and Divi.
  • Content Protection– Easily protect your LearnDash content with ActiveCampaign or Keap tags.
  • Security– This feature prevents login sharing and secure file delivery with Amazon S3 integration.


  • Memberium is built to be efficient and scalable so that it can run fast and handle large membership sites.
  • Flexible Customization- Offers a range of membership features and excellent integration capabilities.


  • Memberium is plugin-dependent. It requires ActiveCampaign or Keap to function.
  • It only works with WordPress.

Pricing– Memberium is a premium plugin starting from $37.

5. MemberPress learndash Integration

The MemberPress LearnDash Integration is a powerful LearnDash add-on that connects your LearnDash courses with MemberPress memberships. This integration allows you to bundle courses into memberships, manage e-commerce and checkout processes, and automatically adjust course access based on membership status. It’s one of the ideal solutions for those looking to offer courses as part of a membership package, providing a seamless user experience from sign-up to course completion.

MemberPress Integration

The features of MemberPress LearnDash Integration are:

  • Course-Membership Connection– Link LearnDash courses to MemberPress memberships.
  • E-commerce Management– Handle the checkout experience and sell courses in bundles.
  • Automatic Access Control– Grant and revoke access to courses based on membership status.
  • Content Protection– Enhance LearnDash’s built-in content protection with MemberPress’s capabilities.


  • This add-on seamlessly Integrates MemberPress with LearnDash.
  • Allows for the sale of courses in bundles or as part of subscription-based memberships.


  • Requires a license for MemberPress to use the integration.
  • May incur extra costs for MemberPress licenses and other add-ons.

Pricing– MemberPress is available free of cost.

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6. Paid Memberships Pro

The Paid Memberships Pro plugin is designed to facilitate the creation and administration of a variety of membership-based websites. It’s an ideal solution for those looking to market online courses, digital goods, coaching services, or exclusive content, providing a straightforward and secure method to do so.

This plugin enables you to establish an array of membership tiers and subscription options, control access to your website’s content by membership level, process payments through various gateways, and extend promotional offers like coupons and discounts. Paid Memberships Pro also boasts compatibility with a host of widely-used WordPress plugins and tools, including WooCommerce, Elementor, Mailchimp, ChatGPT, among others.

Paid Memberships Pro

The Top features of Paid Memberships Pro are:

  • Membership Tiers– You can generate a multitude of membership tiers, each with unique pricing and content accessibility.
  • Content Restrictions– Enforce restrictions on posts, pages, categories, and custom post types according to the membership tier.
  • Compatibility– Seamlessly integrate with leading payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal,, and Braintree.
  • Site Customization– Tailor your membership site with options such as content dripping, tailored content, collective memberships, email interactions, and beyond.


  • Paid Memberships Pro grants extensive flexibility and control over your membership platform.
  • It accommodates diverse membership business models, including fitness, educational courses, special deals, and others.


  • The setup and usage of Paid Memberships Pro might be daunting for beginners.
  • Essential functionalities like content dripping and WooCommerce integration necessitate the installation of extra add-ons.

Pricing– Paid Memberships Pro is a free plugin. It also offers a premium version starting from $247.

7. WishList Member

WishlistMember provides the capability to impose a one-time payment or a recurring fee on your members, manage and schedule the release of your content and educational resources, establish exclusive discussion forums and communication spaces for your members, and synchronize with a multitude of digital tools, including various payment processors, email marketing services, and online course infrastructures. It also enables you to monitor and evaluate your members’ participation and activities.

The platform is intuitive and straightforward to configure, supports an unlimited number of membership levels and offers considerable adaptability, boasts exceptional customer support, and maintains a commitment to regular updates and security measures. Additionally, WishlistMember is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test it without any financial risk.

WishList Member

Some of the features of WishList Member are:

  • Modular Membership Structure– WishList Member lets you craft any number of membership levels you desire, each with distinct access privileges.
  • Content Release Control– You can even set drip content to your course contents and even schedule time to publish your posts.
  • Preview for Non-Members– Displays “teaser” snippets of restricted content to non-members to give them a glimpse of what they’re missing and motivate them to subscribe.
  • Versatile Payment Options– Opt for recurring billing cycles, charge for individual content pieces, or establish various paid membership categories.


  • WishlistMember is recognized for its user-friendly setup process.
  • It provides endless customization with its unlimited membership levels.


  • WishlistMember may have some potential compatibility issues with some themes and plugins.
  • For key features like content dripping and WooCommerce integration, additional add-ons are necessary for which you need to pay.

Pricing– WishList Member is a premium plugin starting from $149.50.


The LearnDash membership plugins of 2024 offer a diverse range of features that cater to various needs, from content protection and scheduled access to seamless payment integrations and user-friendly interfaces. Whether you’re looking to create a robust online learning platform, offer exclusive content, or build a community around your educational offerings, these plugins provide the tools necessary to achieve your goals.

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