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What are LearnDash Groups and How to Make Most of Them

By September 1, 2023March 15th, 2024LearnDash
learndash groups
learndash groups

Do you wish to create and manage learning communities that cater to the diverse needs and goals of your learners? With LearnDash Groups, you can do just that!

LearnDash Groups allow you to organize and manage learners who are enrolled in a course into specific groups. These groups can have various purposes, such as segmenting learners based on common attributes such as subjects, class they are in; assigning specific content to different groups, and facilitating collaborative learning experiences.

What are the Advantages of LearnDash Groups?

  • Group Creation
    Group Creation functionality empowers you to establish distinct learning clusters tailored to your needs. These groups can be organized based on diverse criteria like subjects, class sections, departments, or teams, enabling a finely tuned learning experience.
  • Bulk Enrollment
    Through the Bulk Enrollment feature, you possess the capability to effortlessly enroll learners into these groups, automatically granting them access to all the associated courses.
  • Group Management
    Group Management takes it a step further by allowing you to designate group leaders vested with the authority to oversee their members. These leaders can effectively monitor progress, engage in seamless communication with group constituents, and closely monitor overall performance.
  • Group-Specific Content
    Additionally, the feature of Group-specific Content empowers you to assign precise course materials, lessons, quizzes, and assignments to particular groups. This proves particularly advantageous when catering to varying topics or distinct learning paths required by different groups.

Here we’ll explore some popular plugins you can use to further enhance LearnDash Groups and take it to the next level.

1. Groups Plus Add-On

Groups plus is an add-on plugin for LearnDash that allows you to create and sell Organizations, which are groups of learners who can access and manage your courses. Using groups plus add-on, you can provide your customers with a complete e-learning solution for their groups.

Groups plus add-on

Some of its main features are:

  • Sell courses as organizations- you can create and sell entire organizations like you would do a course.
  • Team message boards- allows you to communicate directly with your team members through a dedicated message board.
  • Purchase individual seats- allows your customer to purchase individual course seats within their Organization.
  • Front end management- you can create, sell, and control organizations from the front end of your course.
  • Measure True time in courses- this feature allows you to measure and report individual team members total time spent in courses you sell.


  • Allows your customers to purchase and create their own Organization.
  • Facilates Group Leaders to manage group members and courses from the front-end.
  • Visually appealing user interface for Group Management.
  • Offers basic group level reporting.


  • No CSV Bulk Enrolment feature.
  • Doesn’t provide options to provide bulk discount for Group purchases.

Pricing- This is a premium plugin and starts from $49.

2. Uncanny Groups for LearnDash

Uncanny Groups for LearnDash plugin enables you to create and sell group licenses for your courses, allows group leaders to register and manage their learners and monitor their progress, it also lets you create sub-groups and assign sub-group leaders to them. With this plugin, you can enhance your LearnDash groups and offer a better learning experience for your customers.

Uncanny Groups

Some of its key features are:

  • Front-end group management- Lets you create groups, add courses, and add-remove seats easily from the front end.
  • Intuitive Interface- Experience a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with LearnDash. You don’t need to be a tech expert to harness its full potential.
  • Group Progress Tracking- Allows you to see how specific groups are doing, so you can help them in their room for improvement.
  • Custom group licenses- Your learners can make a group with the courses they want, and then pay for it to sign up the number of seats they need. You can even opt for custom Learndash development services in case you have difficulties with the customizations.


  • Allows you to add a bulk discount  based on the  number of seats bought.
  • Provides functionality for seat management.


  • Does not allow you to set up sub-groups.
  • Doesn not offer CSV bulk enrollment  functionality.

Pricing- Its a premium plugin starting from $149.

3. WISDM Group Registration

WISDM Group Registration plugin allows you to group courses and bulk enrollment your learners. You can create group licenses for your courses and let the group leaders enroll and monitor their learners’ progress.

With its user-friendly interface, the plugin empowers group leaders to easily add, edit, and remove members from their group.

Wisdm group registration

Key features of WISDM group registration:

  • Group codes- This plugin allows you to create group codes for every course you want. Students can use these group codes to self enroll themselves into the course.
  • Create sub-groups & sub-group leaders- You or your Group Leader have the option to create sub-groups within the groups and assign sub-group leaders for smooth and better management.
  • Front-end management of groups- Group leaders no longer need to have access to the backend to edit seats as this plugin lets you do it from the front end itself.
  • Track Progress with reports- Every group has its own progress report that allows you to easily track the students’ progress.


  • Easy front-end seat and group management with a good user interface.
  • Allows you to add learners through group codes (sort of like a coupon).
  • Facilitates Group Leaders to buy course seats and other new courses on their own from the frontend.
  • Allows Group Leaders to create Sub Groups and assign Sub Group Leaders for Sub Groups.


  • Does not allow you to  manage separate course seats for different users within a Group.
  • Does not offer functionality to offer bulk discount based on different number of course seats being purchased.

Pricing- This is a premium plugin which starts from $80.

Winding up

LearnDash groups are a way to organize your learners into different categories and assign them a group leader who can track their progress and performance. LearnDash groups can be used for various purposes, such as: dividing students into groups, selling course licenses or seats to organizations or customers.

WISDM group registration lets you easily manage seats and groups for your courses. You can also make sub-groups within a group and also adds learners with group codes. Uncanny Groups lets you give discounts for buying more seats for your courses. But you cannot make sub-groups or buy seats for different courses separately. You have to buy the whole bundle of courses. Groups plus lets you sell entire organizations just as any course and has a nice user interface. But you cannot add more seats by yourself. You have to ask the admin to do it for you.

In essence, LearnDash Groups empower educators to curate tailored learning pathways, leading to a more engaged, informed, and successful group of learners.

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