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The Benefits Of Using LearnDash’s ProPanel

By April 1, 2024April 5th, 2024LearnDash
Introduction to LearnDash’s ProPanel
Introduction to LearnDash’s ProPanel

ProPanel boosts your online learning with real-time activity reports, efficient assignment handling, and insights into user participation. It’s ideal for educators monitoring student performance, administrators assessing course success, or business executives evaluating training results. ProPanel provides a detailed yet straightforward dashboard that turns intricate data into practical knowledge. In our blog, we’ll guide you through ProPanel’s essential functions, its user-friendly design, and how to use these features to enhance your LearnDash courses. Ready to start?

Understanding ProPanel

ProPanel is a dynamic tool. It is for reporting and administration. It is designed to improve the management of digital learning. It is a dashboard. It is centralized. It gives educators and administrators an overview. It covers student progress, course completion rates, and other key metrics. Its main function is to simplify tracking and evaluating educational data. This supports smart choices and precise improvements.

Key Features of ProPanel

  • Real-time Activity Tracking– Monitors user engagement with courses, lessons, and quizzes as it happens.
  • Data Filtering– Offers advanced filtering options to sort and view data by courses, users, or date ranges.
  • Assignment Management– Displays pending assignments and streamlines the grading and feedback process.
  • Progress Reporting– Provides visual charts and detailed reports on student progress and course completion.
  • Email Notifications– Sends automated alerts and updates to educators about student performance and course activities.
  • Customizable Dashboards– Allows personalization of the dashboard to focus on the most relevant data points.
  • Group Management– Facilitates the creation and management of user groups for targeted instruction and reporting.

Benefits of Using ProPanel

ProPanel offers a suite of benefits that transform the educational landscape through technology. Its Enhanced Administrative Efficiency is a standout feature. It streamlines tasks and saves time. ProPanel automates routine tasks and centralizes data. It reduces the paperwork burden. This lets educators focus more on teaching.

The platform’s ability to provide Improved Learner Insights is another significant advantage. ProPanel analyzes how learners behave and interact with courses. It offers a clear picture of each student’s journey. This insight helps educators understand how well their courses work. It helps them find areas where students may need more help.

Lastly, Data-Driven Decision Making is at the heart of ProPanel’s benefits. The rich data it provides informs course improvements and teaching strategies. This ensures that decisions are based on evidence, not intuition. This creates a better learning environment. It is tailored to the needs of the students and the goals of the program. Overall, ProPanel gives educators the tools to improve learning outcomes. It also streamlines educational management.

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Setting Up ProPanel

Step 1- Install ProPanel

This is the very first step in setting up your LearnDash ProPanel. You need to go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins-> Add New-> Upload plugin, and choose the ProPanel zip file which you have to download from the official LearnDash site.


Once the plugin is successfully installed, you have to activate it.

Now you need to make sure you add your license key to your ProPanel plugin. You’ll receive this license key when you purchase the plugin.

You can follow this- LearnDash LMS->Settings->ProPanel License.

Once you are done with this we can explore the functionalities of ProPanel which are separated into 4 categories-

  1. Overview Widget
  2. Activity Widget
  3. Reporting Widget
  4. Chart Widget

Each widget gives detailed information on different aspects of your LearnDash LMS.

One of the best things about ProPanel is that you can limit the visibility access to ProPanel for your LMS user’s roles.

A Group Leader by default has visibility access to view certain parts of ProPanel. You, as an admin can even choose to hide it for Group Leaders.

Now let’s go through each ProPanel widget and understand how they work.

Step 2 – Understanding Overview Widget

Just as the name suggests it provides you with an overview of your LearnDash LMS.


It displays its data in metrics-

  • Total Students
  • Assignments Pending
  • Modules
  • Essays Pending

Here when you click on any of these metrics, they take you to the user administration dashboard where you can even approve or reject assignments.

Step 3 – Diving into Activity Widget

This reporting feature reveals the actual data of your learners.


Activity Widget displays important information such as the course which the learner is actively on, which lesson or topic they are currently going through, and how much they have completed that particular course. What’s more, is that you can export this data.

Step 4 – Understanding Reporting Widget

The Reporting widget is the crucial widget that displays your learner’s activities instantly.


Here you get two options- Full page, and Email
In the full-page option, you can view the reports on a large screen without distraction.


And in the Email option, you can send emails to the learners to notify them about anything.

For example, if a certain group of Learners has not completed the course, you can send emails to all of them at once or individually inform them about course completion.

The filter option which you’ll notice at the left end of the Reporting widget strains all the user data and displays it in a quick way! Isn’t that convenient?

Step 5 – Quick overview of the Chart Widget

In the Reporting Widget, we talked about filtering the reports. The Chart Widget is the result of that action.

When you filter a specific course, a Progress chart is then displayed to break down the student’s progress.


In this chart, you’ll see the data of students who have not started the course yet, In progress course. To get more detailed information, you can hover over the graph.

With this, we conclude the setup process of ProPanel. If you have any questions regarding the setup of ProPanel, you can reach out to our LearnDash developers.


Wrapping up, ProPanel is a key ally for those managing online courses via LearnDash. It streamlines complex tasks and sheds light on student engagement, making educational oversight more straightforward. This tool aids instructors in crafting personalized teaching approaches by offering clear insights into each learner’s progress. ProPanel’s emphasis on data ensures that educational strategies are grounded in reality, leading to meaningful improvements. As e-learning grows, ProPanel remains a critical element for success, indispensable for any LearnDash setup.

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