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How to Turn Your WooCommerce Website Into an Amazing Marketplace

By October 31, 2023March 15th, 2024WooCommerce
WooCommerce Website Into an Amazing Marketplace
WooCommerce Website Into an Amazing Marketplace

Are you looking to transform your WooCommerce website into an amazing marketplace like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay? If yes, then you will need a WordPress multi-vendor plugin.

A multi-vendor plugin not only enables you to create a platform where multiple sellers can join and sell their products, but also allows you to earn commissions from every sale.

In this blog, we will go through the best multi-vendor plugins out there to transform your WooCommerce website into a stunning marketplace. Let’s dive in!

What to Look for in WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace Plugins?

When considering WooCommerce multivendor marketplace plugins, it’s crucial to prioritize features that empower your marketplace. Look for robust vendor management tools, efficient product management, and easy commission handling.

Ensure that the plugin supports secure transactions and payment gateways, fostering trust among vendors and customers alike. Compatibility with various WooCommerce themes and customization options is vital for seamless integration with your store’s design and branding.

1. Dokan

Dokan is by far one of the most widely used multi-vendor plugins. With this plugin, you can set up a marketplace for different products, such as physical goods and downloadable goods.

This plugin has a unique front-end for vendors that no other WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin can offer. Every vendor can access a dashboard that tracks and manages their operations accurately.

This plugin also gives you the power to control everything that happens in your marketplace. You can manually approve vendor registration, product publishing, and subscription renewal.


Some of its key features are:

  • Shipping Management- With Dokan, you can manage the shipping of your stores individually.
  • Order Management- This plugin allows you to easily manage orders, get notified of new orders as well as track those orders.
  • Commissions- Through global and specific commission schemes, you can set different commission rates for different vendors allowing you to profit from them.


  • Allows you to add unlimited vendors, which no other multivendor offers.
  • Compatible with many popular WordPress and WooCommerce themes.
  • Allows you to create a user-friendly front end for every vendor.


  • One common con of the Dokan Vendor Plugin is its licensing and pricing structure. While Dokan offers a free version, many advanced features, such as vendor commissions, Stripe, subscriptions, and much more are only available in the paid versions.
  • Another con about the Dokan multi-vendor marketplace plugin is that its customer support is often slow.

Pricing- Dokan lets you use its free plugin with limited features. Dokan Pro starts from $119.

2. WCFM Marketplace

With WCFM, you can get a free and powerful WooCommerce marketplace plugin. It has a front-end dashboard where vendors can easily control their products. It also has flexible features for shipping and commission. WCFM also provides you with a mobile app that allows you to customize your store from anywhere.

WCFM works with different payment methods like PayPal and Stripe. You can also use advanced plugins with it to enhance your website functionality.

WCFM Marketplace

Key features of WCFM Marketplace:

  • Commission System- Offers you multiple types of commissions such as fixed, percentage, vendor-wise, product-wise, and much more.
  • Flexible shipping- Varying shipping rates by country, zone, distance, weight of the product, and much more.
  • Extensive Payouts- This plugin lets you use multiple payment options such as Stripe, PayPal, WireCard, Cash Pay, and much more.


  • You get a mobile app through which you can customize your e-store easily.
  • Offers you a seller verification system so that you check the details of the seller.


  • It is not compatible with many WooCommerce themes and plugins.
  • Most of the beneficial add-ons such as shipment tracking and customer-vendor live chat are included in the WCFM Pro version.

Pricing- This plugin offers some of its features for free. For more advanced features, the WCFM Pro version starts from $59.

3. YITH WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace

YITH WooCommerce Multi-vendor easily lets you create a complex marketplace environment like the ones on Amazon and AliExpress. It not only lets you handle monitoring of orders, stock, and shipping but also generates passive income with a percentage commission on all sales made by the vendors.

Additionally, with this plugin, you can create a main multi-vendor store that has worldwide commission rates. You can use the super admin feature to control the vendors’ sales and accounts and also make automatic reports for your commissions and sales.

YITH WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace

The main features of the YITH multi-vendor marketplace are:

  • Commission Threshold- the marketplace administrator has access to set the minimum threshold for the commissions.
  • Coupon- This multivendor marketplace plugin allows vendors to make coupons and control their product offerings.
  • Shipping- With the advanced shipping module, vendors can set up shipping zones, estimate shipping fees, add extra charges, and define refunds as well as shipping rules.


  • YITH lets you withdraw your funds automatically as well as manually.
  • It allows you to customize the storefronts of each vendor, such as logo, banners, descriptions, and social links.
  • It has essential features for vendor management, such as registration, approval, profile editing, and reports.


  • It has some compatibility issues with other WooCommerce extensions, such as Permalink Manager and Ajax Checkout.
  • Order management feature is only offered in the premium plugin while its competitors provide the same for free.

Pricing- It’s a free plugin. YITH also offers a premium version with advanced features for $149 annually.

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4. MultiVendor X

If you are planning to run a WooCommerce multi-vendor website, MultiVendor X is a great plugin that you should strongly consider. It offers various features including order tracking and refund policies to enhance your website’s functionality.

With MultiVendorX, the admin can conveniently manage the marketplace, which covers views, sales, sales reports, and commission sections. It not only lets you select your preferred payment option but also gives you access to your ledger book where you can see your transaction history.

MultiVendor X

Features of MultiVendor X are:

  • Personalized Dashboard- It offers a user-friendly and personalized dashboard to every vendor to manage their stores.
  • Adjustable Commissions- This plugin lets you set various commission rates depending on various factors such as distance of order, product type, product weight, and much more.
  • In-built order manager- It lets you manage your orders with ease using features like order list, order details, and order status manager.


  • MultiVendor X provides you with different dashboards for commissions, payments, reports, and other activities.
  • Multiple payment options are available with this plugin such as PayPal, Stripe, and Razor Pay.
  • Also offers you a feature of single product multiple vendors which allows different vendors to sell the same product.


  • Multiple issues regarding bugs have been found such as slow loading of the vendor dashboard, also sometimes prevents vendors from adding new products.
  • The packaging lacks a label from a trusted seller.

Pricing- This plugin lets you use some of its functionality for free. The premium version offers more features starting from $299.

5. WooCommerce Product Vendors

With WooCommerce Product Vendors, you can change your e-store into a WooCommerce multi-vendor website. This plugin allows multiple vendors to sell diverse products at once.

Product Vendors not only lets you earn commission from your vendor’s sales but also sets specific commission rates for different vendors, as well as every vendor can edit their online profile. It also allows marketplace owners to set up the commission and payout schedule of each vendor.

Woocommerce Product Vendors

Key features of Product Vendors are:

  • Vendor Designation- This plugin allows vendors to be designated as administrators or managers to assist you in overseeing tasks such as billing, taxes, sales, etc.
  • Product Approval- You have complete control over which products are to be added to the marketplace.
  • Commission rates- You can set different commission rates for different vendors depending on product types, weight, location, etc.


  • Product Vendors is a WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace plugin that lets you sell both physical and digital products.
  • This plugin manages multiple vendors with ease.


  • You might need to handle some aspects manually, such as adding notes to orders, approving products, or addressing vendor concerns.
  • This plugin does not contain management and other features that many competitors offer for free.

Pricing- It’s a paid plugin starting from $8.25.

6. VendorPro

VendorPro is a WordPress plugin that lets you create a multi-vendor e-commerce website with ease. You can invite multiple sellers to join your site and sell their products, while you earn commissions from every sale.

VendorPro integrates with WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce platform on WordPress, and supports various features such as PayPal payment, vendor commission settings, order management, and more.


Features of VendorPro are:

  • Commission rates- This plugin lets you manually set up commission rates for different vendors.
  • Profile Control- Vendors have complete control over their own profiles and can decide which details to show or not.
  • Digital Goods- VendorPro has been specifically designed to sell digital goods and it excels at it.
  • Customizations– VendorPro supports customizations, which enables you to opt for custom WordPress development services in case of any difficulties you face during customizations.


  • Designed specifically for digital products.
  • An inbuilt processor for PayPal gateway that ensures a smooth and secure payment process.
  • Also supports the use of shortcodes to add extended features.


  • This plugin is not built for universal use as it was built for affiliate businesses.
  • The plugin might get heavy for your website, which can affect its performance and speed.

Pricing- It’s a premium plugin for $97.

7. WC Vendors Marketplace

WC Vendors Marketplace is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create a multi-vendor e-commerce website with WooCommerce. You can allow multiple sellers to join your site and sell their products, while you earn commissions from every sale.

WC Vendors offers a complete front-end dashboard for vendors, a comprehensive shipping system, and multiple payment gateway options. It not only lets you set up commissions for different vendors depending on locations and product types but also allows numerous customizing options including shortcodes, widgets, and storefront options.

WC Vendor Marketplace

The Mail features of WC Vendors are:

  • Front-end Dashboards- This plugin provides each vendor with their own dashboard.
  • Vacation mode- It also provides a feature of vacation mode through which you can let your customers know that you are currently not selling.
  • Shipping rates- You can set up different shipping rates for vendors based on flat rates and table rates.


  • This plugin provides multiple payment options such as Stripe, MangoPay, Escrow, Square, and many more.
  • Different products can have various coupons created and managed by vendors themselves.
  • WC vendors marketplace offers modules like refunds, product reviews, and live chat with vendors for free.


  • The Customer support is often slow to respond.
  • The plugin gets buggy when there’s too much load.

Pricing- It is a free plugin that offers basic features. WC Vendor Pro offers much more advanced features starting from $99.

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, turning your WooCommerce website into an amazing marketplace is more than a business endeavor.

With the right products, dedicated vendors, and a well-thought-out strategy, you can create an online ecosystem where customers find varying choices, vendors reach a broader audience, and your business flourishes.

By focusing on key elements such as Shipping, vendor management, product listings, pricing, customer support, security, and marketing, you can build a marketplace that not only meets customer needs but also drives profitability. Start today and watch your marketplace flourish!

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