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6 Best Ways to Enhance Your LearnDash Quizzes

By April 25, 2024LearnDash
6 Best Ways to Enhance Your LearnDash Quizzes
6 Best Ways to Enhance Your LearnDash Quizzes

Quizzes are not just a part of LearnDash courses, they assess your student’s understanding.

May it be their final exam or any other exam as such, quizzes help them prepare for it. These quizzes strengthen the understanding process by showing them the mistakes they make, quick responses, and varied quiz types to keep them interested in attempting quizzes.

This list goes on. But in this blog, we’ll discuss the 6 best ways to enhance those quizzes for your LearnDash course. Without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Enable Timed Quizzes

Speaking about the timed quiz, its purpose is to make your students manage their time efficiently. When a student sees a countdown clock on their quiz, they get a sense of urgency.

This process heightens their focus and prevents their mind from wandering off.

By regularly engaging in timed assessments, your learners develop a better understanding of how long certain tasks may take. This allows them to plan and prioritize more effectively in various aspects of life.

Enable Timed Quizzes

Moreover, these quizzes help you identify areas where your student may need further study. If they consistently run out of time on a particular type of question, it may indicate a need for additional practice.

And if you want to add a deadline to your quizzes and assignments, ‘Assignments Deadline Pro for LearnDash’ is the go-to plugin. This LearnDash plugin lets you create deadlines for your quizzes. You can create and edit multiple deadlines with ease.

You can set custom submission rules for post-deadline. The best part is you can push notifications to your students informing them about the change in the deadline.

2. Using Variety of Question Types & Randomize Question Order

If the question order is randomized, then the risk of two students having the same answer is avoided. You know, this process has proven useful in encouraging students to put in their own efforts.

Do you know how many quiz types you can make use of in LearnDash? The correct answer is 8. They include Single choice, Multiple choice, Fill-in-the-blank, Sorting choice, Free choice, Matrix sorting choice, Essay, and Assessment.

You don’t have to always keep an MCQ-based quiz. Choose any of these quiz types and keep your students engaged and happy to attempt them.

Using Variety of Question Types & Randomize Question Order

And if you plan on keeping a repeating quiz, what you can do is twist the question a bit, and instead of a choiced answer, you can provide a fill-in-the-blank.

This makes sure your learners don’t just byheart the answers but rather understand the concept.

You can always experiment with these 8 quiz question types.

And if you are looking outside the box, like adding a graph-based quiz or adding an editor section to solve math,  I recommend you opt for our LearnDash quiz customization.

3. Incorporate Multimedia

When you use multimedia in your LearnDash quiz, it significantly boosts student engagement.

Imagine a scenario where two students are going to attempt a quiz. One student has the plain old theoretical quiz, while the other has a media-based quiz.

Which one do you think will perform better? Of course the latter one.

Incorporate Multimedia

Keeping your quizzes simple is a good choice. But using multimedia would just make them better.

For instance, create a quiz where the student has to record their answer live through a cam, or if a student gives a wrong answer, you can provide them with the correct one with a short video explaining it.

This way your quizzes are not just interactive, but they make your students understand better and enjoy attempting them.

4. Provide Detailed Feedback

Feedback is the best part of any quiz. But there’s a con that not many of you might know. Let me illustrate this with an example.

Imagine a student attempting the quiz with a wrong answer. They get the result with the right answer. And if the same quiz question gets repeated, the student is more likely to repeat the mistake.

Why? The answer is TIME. Yes, time. If the student with the wrong answer gets the feedback very late, they will likely remember the wrong answer rather than the correct one.

Provide Detailed Feedback

This is why you should provide your students with feedback as soon as possible. Delaying it could cause problems like I talked about above and otherwise would make them perform better next time.

Additionally, you should keep a one-on-one mentor session with your student. We all know no shy student would ask questions to clear their doubts. So, keep a one-to-one session and clear their doubts.

5. Enable Quiz Retakes

When a student reattempts a quiz, they are more likely to perform better than the previous test.

Suppose your student learns a topic for the first time. They perform poorly and with the bad results, they get demotivated.

So, repetition of the quiz helps the student retain the correct answer that they got wrong the first time.

Reattempting a quiz gives a sense of improvement among the students. It also helps them understand the concept in a much better way.

Enable Quiz Retakes

Additionally, if you want to see which students want to retake the quiz or who all scored less and notify them of the availability of the quiz, you should try the ‘Student Email Notifications for LearnDash’ plugin.

With this plugin, you can set unique filters for Quizzes, Assignments, and Courses, and see all the students. For the same, you can send personalized notifications.

This plugin offers Individual and Group filters. You can choose to whom you want to send notifications. And you can even schedule those notifications.

Looking to customize your LearnDash quizzes?

Tell us your requirements!

6. Utilize Gamification

Gamifying a quiz induces a sense of competition among students. You as a teacher can create a leaderboard for each course or overall semester.

Through gamification, you can award points to those students who perform well in respective quizzes. And these points can be redeemed later on for prizes like unique titles such as ‘The Floor Master’ or something cool you know. It’s up to you.

Even badges and certificates come under gamification. By default LearnDash only lets you offer a single certificate for a particular course.

Utilize Gamification

Assume you have a Math quiz. You can offer a completion certificate for the Math quiz, and a certificate for Algebra, along with a certificate for performing extraordinary in the equations section. But I’ve got you something good.

If you are looking to award multiple certificates to your student, the ‘Multiple Certificates Pro for LearnDash‘ is the plugin you can opt for. This plugin lets you award multiple certificates for a single quiz, course, or group. And the best part is you can award multiple certificates to a grouped course, like multiple certificates for Math, Science, and English.

Wrapping Up!

LearnDash quizzes significantly improve the learning experience and outcomes for your students. Enhancing them with the 7 methods I discussed would take them to the next level.

From Randomizing question order to quiz retakes, and especially Gamification elements add an extra layer of interactivity and foster a rich learning experience.

Remember, LearnDash is a vast LMS. Explore it and make the best quizzes and courses for your students to enjoy.

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