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5 Best WooCommerce Upsell and Cross-sell Plugins in 2024

By Last Updated: 03 Jan, 2024April 16th, 2024WooCommerce
5 Amazing WooCommerce Upsell and Cross-sell Plugins in 2023 - SaffireTech
5 Amazing WooCommerce Upsell and Cross-sell Plugins in 2023 - SaffireTech

Upsells offers the customer a superior version of the product. Cross-selling entails proposing an item that enhances the customer’s initial choice.
Take buying a Laptop as an instance. Here, upselling would be recommending a higher-spec model. While, cross-selling adds a laptop-case or a keyboard.
Utilizing both upsell and cross-sell will elevate your revenue and business.

1. Bulk Edit Upsells and Cross-sells for WooCommerce

This plugin lets you set Upsells and Cross-sells many products at once. You can search for products to set UpSells and Cross-sells. It can be based on different criteria such as product name, product category, and tags. You can also search for a specific product if you wish to. It lets you copy and paste upsell and cross-sell across different products. This way you can save a lot of time.

Bulk Edit Upsells and Cross-sells for WooCommerce
Bulk Edit Upsells and Cross-sells for WooCommerce

Some major advantages of this WooCommerce plugin are

  • Varied Search– allows you to search for products using different criteria like product name, product category, SKU and tags.
  • Copy and Paste– allows you to copy and paste upsells and cross-sells across different products in seconds.
  • Supports– works well with different WooCommerce product types- Simple, Variable, Grouped and Downloadable.

Pricing– This is a free plugin.

2. WooCommerce Upsell Popup

You can use WooCommerce upsell popups to boost sales. They show your customers offers that are relevant and attractive. This plugin allows you to create popups. When a customer adds a product, they see related items for sale. You can choose where to display these, like on the product, cart, or checkout pages.

WooCommerce Upsell Popup

Some of its cool features include:

  • Non-Intrusive Promotion– The popup will appear on the same page where the customer is surfing, so the customers will not find it meddling.
  • Responsive Design– No matter whether the customer is shopping via mobile or laptop, this plugin generates extremely user-friendly popups, keeping your upselling offers intact, due to its responsive design.
  • Easy Customization of Popups– This plugin will help you build your upsell popup from scratch with the help of action hooks and filters. We recommend you opt for WooCommerce development services in case you have any issues with the customizations.
  • Last but not least, Multilingual Compatibility– It is translation-ready, so you can instantly translate this plugin to your local language.

Pricing– This plugin lets you use some of its functionality for free. The premium version offers more features starting from $49.

3. Related products for WooCommerce

The Related products for WooCommerce lets you show related products by category, tags, or choose a custom product to be shown as related product on the cart page. This persuades customers to buy more products thus resulting in an increase in Average Order Value.

Related products for WooCommerce

Its main features include:

  • Custom Feed– You can customize and show particular products as ‘related products’ for each product on the shop
  • Exclude Category– Allows you to exclude selected categories from showing up in related products.
  • Exclude out of stock– Allows you to exclude out of stock products from showing up in related products.
  • Slider Display– It allows you to display the products in a slider style, so your customers can view multiple products by clicking on the slider controls.

Pricing– This is a free plugin.

4. One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce

The One Click Upsell funnel for WooCommerce lets you create offers. They are for upselling and cross-selling after a purchase. It lets you add upsell and cross-sell with a click. It also lets you track sales for each funnel.

One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce

Key features of One Click upsell funnel offers you:

  • Unlimited funnel with an unlimited number of offers, where users can create unlimited sales funnels with multiple upsells and cross-sells.
  • Reporting Feature– This WooCommerce one click upsell plugin also offers you a reporting feature, where you get a complete report of every single funnel. It includes the number of times the funnel has been created, accepted or rejected offers of a funnel, also users can track their total sales as well as the conversion rates of each funnel.
  • Exclusive offer feature– The customers who have subscribed for the mail feature will get an email notification on sales of products based on their recent likes and reviews on any product.
  • One Click upsell funnel also provides a cool feature of Sandbox mode, where it allows you to create and test upsell and cross-sell settings on a testing site which is only for admin and not for live customers.

Pricing– This plugin has a free version with basic functionality. The premium version has more features and its pricing starts from $69.

5. Checkout upsell Funnel for WooCommerce

The Checkout upsell funnel for WooCommerce comes with a plethora of features that lets you create popups for Upsells and Cross-sells. It also allows you to set a countdown timer for sales and discounts on the products. Besides, this WooCommerce upsell plugin also offers a complete report of all items sold through their upsells and cross-sells widgets.

Checkout upsell Funnel for WooCommerce

Some of its features includes:

  • Using the Upsell funnel, you can add the products you wish to upsell on the cart. Thus allowing your customers to add products easily to cart and saving them from checking out multiple times.
  • Pop-up– The order suggestion pop-up will appear on the checkout page when a customer clicks on the place order button.
  • Countdown timer– This plugin also offers a feature to add a countdown timer, so that customers can view how long the offer is valid or when the sale will start.

Pricing– This plugin offers some free features. You can get more features with the premium version that starts from $30.

Wrapping up!

Upselling and Cross-selling boost your sales. They also raise your average order value. Each plugin offers unique features. They help you boost sales and raise your revenue. Trying different plugins will help you understand what works best for you. It will lead to your store’s success.

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