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The 15 Best LearnDash Plugins that You Need to Try in 2024

By Last Updated: 04 Jan, 2024March 16th, 2024E-learning, LearnDash

LearnDash is one of the most popular WordPress LMS plugin that lets you create and sell courses with ease using its inbuilt features.

However, you can create a better eLearning experience by using plugins that enable collaborative learning environments and simplify administrative tasks. These plugins give you an edge in the competitive eLearning market.

Whether you are an entrepreneur selling courses online or running a corporate LMS, you will find these plugins useful and powerful for your online teaching and learning.

Let’s dive into these amazing 15 plugins that will make your e-learning website stand out from the rest.

1. Frequently Bought Together for LearnDash

The Frequently bought together for LearnDash plugin lets you create a widget showing a section suggesting courses usually bought together with the course being watched by the customer.

This plugin comes handy when you want your customer to show courses that complement each other.

For example – Let’s say you are selling courses related to  Blog Content Writing. Then you can bundle it with courses like Copywriting, Technical writing and Creative Writing that a customer might be interested to buy along with the Blog Content Writing.

Besides, this plugin allows you to offer percentage and fixed discounts on your  bundled offering. Thus incentivising customers to buy more in one go leading to higher average cart order value.

Frequently Bought Together for LearnDash

Some of its major features include:

  • One-Click Setup- This plugin allows you to easily choose which courses to display in the FBT widget with just a few clicks, even for those who are new to WordPress.
  • Offer Discounts- Lets you add a percentage or fixed discount to the courses that you are selling together.
  • Compatible- The plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and Easy Digital download (EDD).
  • Widget placement- You can place widgets at different locations on course listing using the widget options. However, if you desire to position it in a specific location within the course listing, you can achieve this by employing the shortcode.

Pricing- Its a premium plugin starting from $60.

2. Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash

The Uncanny toolkit for LearnDash provides access to 16 modules, including login and group registration forms, resume capabilities, and more. The plugin simplifies enhancing students’ learning journey. The pro version introduces over 30 additional modules. If you are planning on adding custom features to the plugin, we recommend you hire a LearnDash website developer for this job.

Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash

Some of its key features are:

  • Front End Login- This module lets you choose where to place  a login form on your site. It also helps new users sign up quickly with a registration form.
  • User Switching- Enabling this module gives you the ability to switch between user accounts. This comes in handy while testing and troubleshooting the errors reported by the users.
  • LearnDash Certificate Widget- This module displays the list of all the certificates earned through the course or quiz of the signed in user.
  • LearnDash Groups in User profiles- With this module, you can easily identify LearnDash Group membership from user profile pages. It also displays a list of users who are a member of a LearnDash group.

Pricing- This plugin lets you use some of its functionality for free. The premium version offers more features starting from $149.

3. Upsells for LearnDash

The Upsells for LearnDash plugin allows you to create a widget on your LearnDash course page that allows you to display other related courses of your choice.

You can use this widget to upsell your higher end course offerings or show different variations of the same course.

For example – Let’s say you are selling 3 similar  courses with different offerings –
– Blog Content Writing,
– Blog Content Writing with Live Sessions and,
– Blog Content Writing with Live Sessions + Extra Tips

Now, with this plugin you can list all these 3 on a single course page, so students can explore different offerings of the same course from the course page thus allowing you to create more visibility and awareness of your different course offerings.

Upsells for LearnDash

The key features of this plugin are as follows:

  • Quick Setup- This LearnDash plugin not only lets you set up UpSells for your courses but also allows you to enable UpSell widgets on your course listing page from the backend.
  • Widget Placements- This feature grants you complete control over widget’s placement on your course listing page. It also enables you to use shortcodes to change the placements of those widgets.
  • Integrations- This plugin offers integration with both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads (EDD).
  • ‘Show more’ widget option- Display only a few courses initially and shows the full list of UpSell courses when the customer clicks on ‘Show more’.

Pricing- This is a premium plugin starting from $59.

4. Tin Canny Reporting for LearnDash

With the Tin Canny Reporting for LearnDash plugin, you can easily track the progress and completion of your learners, view comprehensive reports for LearnDash courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, and H5P content, as well as see how long it takes users to complete courses. It also allows you to upload e-learning modules created with popular authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpring, and more.

Tin Canny Reporting for LearnDash

Some of its features include:

  • Mark complete- Allows you to control the complete button function based on whether the learner has completed the module or not.
  • Dashboard widget- Lets you see LearnDash course completion and SCORM statement trends in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Detailed user reports- Lets you monitor learners activity on courses and send reports to the group leaders of that course.
  • LearnDash quiz question analysis- Allows you to analyze multiple choice questions to see the breakdown of the answers. It also allows you to view where the students are making mistakes and need improvement.

Pricing- Its a premium plugin starting from $199.

5. Multiple Certificates for LearnDash

By default LearnDash allows you to add only one certificate on quizzes, courses, and groups. But what if you want your students to get multiple certificates on their quizzes, courses, and groups.

For example, Imagine you run an online culinary school which also teaches various culinary abilities. Once learners complete the entire course, they will receive only one personalized certificate for the entire course. However, you might want to provide the learners with separate diplomas for specific skills such as baking or grilling once they have mastered those skills.

Here’s where Multiple Certificates for LearnDash come into play. As its name suggests, this plugin adds a “Add multiple certificates” field in the Display and Content options meta box. After which you can add multiple certificates to your LearnDash courses, quizzes, and groups.

Multiple certificates can be downloaded by the student upon completion of the quiz or course.

Multiple Certificates for LearnDash

Features of the Multiple Certificates for LearnDash are:

  • Courses Certificates– With this plugin, you can ass multiple certificates to your courses.
  • Group Certificates– This plugin lets you add multiple certificates to your groups.
  • Quiz Certificates- You can create multiple certificates to quizzes.
  • Ease of Use– This plugin provides a convenient backend system for adding and assigning multiple certificates to courses, quizzes, and groups.

Pricing- This is a premium plugin worth $49.

6. LearnDash Notification

LearnDash Notification allows you to send emails to students based on particular actions occurring on the e-learning site. This may include completing a course, finishing a lesson and even the results of a quiz. You can customize when these notifications are sent and who receives them.

LearnDash Notification

Its key features include:

  • 18 different triggers- You have access to 18 different triggers including enrollment in a group, enrollment in a course, completion of a course, completing a quiz, results of a quiz, and much more.
  • Shortcode enabled- Not just LearnDash developers, even you can make use of shortcodes to make your notifications even better by adding custom features such as a survey form, adding more courses, information from the web, and other details.
  • Immediate or delayed notifications- You have the option to send your notifications right away or with some delay.

Pricing- This is a free add-on.

7. Name Your Price for LearnDash

Imagine you have an online course on front-end development. This course is priced at $50, covering essential skills like HTML, CSS, and PHP. Now, learners interested in mastering the basics of front-end development can choose the price they feel comfortable paying for the course. Some might opt to pay the standard $50, while others, perhaps students or those on a tight budget, might choose to contribute a smaller amount that fits their financial situation. And LearnDash by itself does not have such options. This is where Name Your Price for LearnDash plugin shines bright.

Name Your Price for LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that lets you offer flexible pricing options for your online courses. With this plugin, you can allow your customers to set their own price for your courses, based on the value they perceive or the amount they can afford.

You can also suggest an ideal price and set minimum and maximum price limits to guide your customers. You can also choose to display Name Your Price on the WooCommerce product page or directly on the LearnDash course page, for a smoother user experience.

Name Your Price for LearnDash

The best features of Name Your Price for LearnDash are:

  • Custom Labels– You can set custom labels to your Maximum price, minimum price, and suggested price options.
  • Custom Error Messages– With this setting, you can set custom error messages to be displayed when a customer tries to make a payment below the minimum price or above the maximum price.
  • Integration– The Name Your Price plugin seamlessly integrates with Learndash and WooCommerce.
  • Prominent Pricing– You have the flexibility to choose which pricing information should be shown on the LearnDash course page or WooCommerce product pricing page from the minimum price, the maximum price, and the suggested price. You can also choose not to display any of these options.

Pricing- The Name Your Price for LearnDash plugin costs $49.

8. Design Upgrade for LearnDash

Get everything you need for LearnDash customization with the Design Upgrade plugin. This add-on includes fonts, buttons, modern features, animations, login setup, and more. With the help of custom LearnDash development, you can change the appearance of the elements on your site.

Design Upgrade for LearnDash

Key features of this plugin include:

  • Login/Registration- This plugin lets you set custom styles for your login and registration forms.
  • Course grid- It allows you to set equal height for various columns. This makes the course grid more presentable.
  • Varied features- It offers you better sidebar tray design, course sections, shadow effect, collapse arrow that indicates the current menu state, and much more.
  • Color selection- This plugin lets you set custom color to texts, course grids, background color and button text as well as background color.

Pricing- The plugin offers a free version which has limited-features. The premium version comes with more features whose pricing starts from $29.

9. Assignment Deadlines for LearnDash

Assignment Deadlines for LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that lets you set and manage deadlines for your online course assignments. With this plugin, You can also set restrictions to the deadline ensuring that your students complete and submit their assignments on time, and avoid procrastination.

With the Assignment Deadlines for LearnDash plugin, you can also extend the deadline by hours or days and add an email notification to be sent to the learners alerting them about the changes made to the deadline.

Assignment Deadlines for LearnDash

The top features of Assignment Deadlines for LearnDash are:

  • Deadline Management– This plugin lets you set specific deadlines for your assignments effectively.
  • Extension Flexibility– You can easily extend the timing of your deadline by hours or days without any effort while keeping up the pace of your course.
  • Submission Restrictions– With this setting, you can make sure the student is not able to upload any document once the deadline has passed.
  • Customizable Notifications– You can choose to send an email notification to alert the learners about the changes made to the deadline.

Pricing- This is a premium plugin and starts from $49.

10. LearnDash Groups plus

Groups plus is an add-on plugin for LearnDash that allows you to create and sell Organizations, which are groups of learners who can access and manage your courses. Using groups plus add-on, you can provide your customers with a complete e-learning solution for their groups.

Groups plus add-on

Here are some of its key features:

  • Team message boards- Lets you to communicate directly with your team members through a dedicated message board.
  • Purchase individual seats- Allows your customer to purchase individual course seats within their Organization.
  • Front end management- You can create, sell, and control organizations from the front end of your course.
  • Measure True time in courses- This feature allows you to measure and report individual team members total time spent in courses you sell.

Pricing- This is a premium plugin and starts from $49.

You can also check out this blog- “What are LearnDash Groups and How to Make Most of Them

11. GamiPress Integration for LearnDash

With Gamipress add-on, you can gamify your website by adding points, achievements, ranks, leaderboards, and more. You can also customize how your gamification system looks and works, as well as the criteria and conditions for earning rewards. Gamipress easily integrates with popular plugins and services such as LearnDash, WooCommerce, Zapier, and more.

Gamipress Integration for Learndash

Key features of Gamipress add-on offers you:

  • Point types- It allows you to define as many point types as you like. For example Coins, Gems, Credits. You can award points and badges for completing lessons, quizzes, and courses.
  • Leaderboard- This feature enables you to create a leaderboard that promotes friendly competition by showing users by their earned rank.
  • Rewards- Rewards your users not only for course-related tasks, but also for other tasks, such as engaging in forums, buying courses, logging into the site, and more.
  • Achievements- Lets users optionally unlock achievements using their points. For example, by spending 100 points learners can get Super badge or by spending 250 points learners can get Diamond medal.

Pricing- It’s a free plugin.

12. Course Grid

The LearnDash Course Grid add-on lets you show your courses on any site page or post in a grid layout. You can adjust the course look, the number of columns, the order of sorting, and the filter choices. It also allows you to  make your courses more appealing and captivating by using images, videos, descriptions, buttons, ribbons, and progress bars.

Course Grid

Some of its features include:

  • Video support- You can now display a video instead of an image for each course thumbnail. This makes it more appealing to the customers.
  • Progress bar- The progress bar helps your enrolled users see how far they have come in each course on the course grid.
  • Category filter- Course grid allows customers to easily filter the courses according to their preferences, such as the category they are interested in and the price they are willing to pay.

Pricing- It’s a free plugin.

13. Stripe

Stripe is one of the best payment gateway on the internet, offering a universal solution for accepting payments safely for your courses. It doesn’t cost anything to install, but Stripe takes a percentage of every transaction.

It appears as an overlay on your website, so users don’t have to travel to a new page to make a transaction. Stripe supports a wide range of payment modes such as Bank transfer, Digital wallets, Credit/Debit cards and much more.


Its key features include:

  • Lightbox overlay- Lets you create an overlay where users can enter their payment details while staying on the same site.
  • Accept payments- Lets users use their Stripe account to pay through credit card for courses.
  • Auto enrollment- When the user completes the payment process using Stripe, they are automatically taken to the course page that they have signed up for.

Pricing- Stripe add-on is available to download free of cost on LearnDash site.

14. Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is a WordPress plugin that integrates with LearnDash to create and manage membership sites for your courses. You can restrict access to your course content, accept payments, and offer subscriptions with recurring billing.

Paid Memberships Pro also provides you with robust user statistics and reporting of membership levels. You can customize your membership site with over 60 free and premium add-ons.

Paid Memberships Pro

Some of the features of Paid Memberships Pro are:

  • Membership levels– You can create membership levels and assign one or more courses to the users.
  • Coupons– With this plugin, you can offer coupons or discount codes for your courses.
  • Bulk sales– You can sell courses in a bundle or as an ongoing subscription.
  • Content Drip– You can use LearnDash lesson dripping to control the pace of your course delivery.

Pricing- The Paid Memberships Pro is a free plugin.

15. ProPanel

ProPanel is a powerful plugin that enhances your LearnDash dashboard with advanced features and options. This plugin lets you see the real-time activity on your courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes.

ProPanel also lets you track and analyze your LearnDash courses, students, and assignments, and add your own actions for more flexibility and control. ProPanel is compatible with any LearnDash theme.


The top features of ProPanel are:

  • Overview– ProPanel shows you the number of enrolled students, pending courses, attempted quizzes, and more.
  • Activity– This feature displays the real-time activity on your courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes.
  • Filter– This plugin lets you filter by courses, users, groups, or dates.
  • Customizations- In case you want to create custom options on your site, you can make use of ProPanel.

Pricing- ProPanel is a premium plugin worth $49.

Winding up

LearnDash is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to create and sell online courses. In this article, we reviewed 15 LearnDash plugins that offer you different functionality based  on different needs.

These plugins can help you with multiple aspects of your online course such as creating and managing, designing, gamification, analytics, marketing, payment, and much more.

You can tailor your e-learning platform to better suit the needs of both teachers and learners by carefully selecting and using these plugins. Remember that the choice of plugins should align with your goals and target audience, ensuring a more engaging, efficient, and personalized online learning environment.

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