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4 Ways to Boost Course Sales in LearnDash

By January 25, 2023April 13th, 2024LearnDash, WooCommerce
4 Ways to Boost Course Sales in LearnDash - SaffireTech
4 Ways to Boost Course Sales in LearnDash - SaffireTech

You might be a business owner who sells online courses with LearnDash and WooCommerce. You might be looking for tools to boost your course sales.

WooCommerce offers many sales-enhancing plugins. But, most are tailored for product pages, not LearnDash course pages. However, the key to boosting sales lies in utilizing tools that are specifically designed for the LearnDash course page, where all your course details are displayed. This article presents a handpicked selection of plugins for both LearnDash and WooCommerce that are geared towards elevating your course sales.

#1 Frequently Bought Together for LearnDash

We have often seen the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ section while buying products from Amazon. Similarly, this plugin allows you to show a section suggesting courses usually bought together on the LearnDash course page. It also offers you to optionally provide discounts on these courses if they are brought together. This is particularly useful when you want to incentivise your customers to buy extra add-on courses along with the main course.

For example – Let’s say you are selling a course for ‘Mathematics’ and you have other offerings that people also buy like questionnaires or live lessons which are related to the same course. Then you can use this plugin to club these courses and offer them at a discounted rate to drive more sales.

Frequently Bought Together for LearnDash

Frequently Bought Together for LearnDash

#2 Cart Flows

This is a helpful WooCommerce plugin. It helps you streamline the checkout for your customers. With WooCommerce and LearnDash, you might have seen that when customers click ‘Buy this course,’ they are sent to the WooCommerce page. Now again they have to click on ‘Add to Cart’ here and only then are they taken to the cart page. As you can understand, this unnecessarily increases the steps for customers to buy the course.

Using the CartFlows plugin, you can just configure it to skip the WooCommerce product page and directly take customers to the cart page from the LearnDash course page. This removes a redundant step and overall optimizes the checkout experience for your customers. And if you are planning on adding custom features to the plugin, seeking assistance from a LearnDash developer would make things easier.

CartFlows Plugin’s Settings Page

CartFlows Plugin’s Settings Page

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#3 UpSells for LearnDash

This plugin allows you to show a section suggesting related courses on the LearnDash’s course page. This plugin can help you in 2 ways – One, if you are selling courses that are mostly similar but differ a bit in terms of little more course content like additional quizzes, assignments or projects. Then you can use this plugin to subtly show customers higher end offerings on the course page. This helps customers explore other similar options and choose what suits them best for them.

Second, if you just have courses that are related to the course being watched by the customer, then you can show such courses so that customer see all the related course offerings and may decide to buy the other courses as well. Thus it helps increasing visibility and drive more sales.

UpSells for LearnDash

 UpSells for LearnDash

#4 WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

We often observe high website traffic that doesn’t lead to sales. There are many reasons behind it. Recent research shows that 60% of people who go to the checkout page do not complete their purchase. As a result, it is quite necessary to identify reasons for cart abandonment by the customers. This plugin helps you exactly achieve that by capturing the email of the customer on the checkout page and allows you to send them a series of multiple follow-up emails that can help identify reasons for cart abandonment and eventually convert these customers.

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

 WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery 

Winding up

To conclude, if you are using LearnDash with WooCommerce, it is probably the best combination for selling courses. However, adding a few more plugins can potentially increase your sales and can be a total game changer for your eLearning store.

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