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4 Gravity Forms Addons to Elevate Your LearnDash Experience

By September 28, 2023March 15th, 2024E-learning, LearnDash
Gravity Forms featured image
Gravity Forms featured image

LearnDash is the most popular LMS and comes packed with a lot of features. However there are certain features which you may find limited and would like to enhance it.

Let’s say something like a registration form where you need more fields or  adding a survey to a course or having a different type of question type. At such times, Gravity Forms come handy!  Today, we are going to explore 4 Gravity Form Add-ons that will help you enhance your LearnDash experience and take it to the next level.

Say goodbye to boring default features and say hello to a more engaging eLearning experience with Gravity Forms!

Here are 4 Gravity forms add-ons that will enhance your LearnDash course to the next level.

1. User Registration

User Registration Add-on

By default, the LearnDash plugin has five fields for registration: Username, Email, First Name, Last Name, and Password. However, let’s say you need to add more fields, such as a date or a file upload option. To do this, they can use the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On.

The User Registration add-on offers you fields such as date and time, address, file upload, phone number, etc. Date and time field lets you set time and date using a small calendar if you want to set birth date or the current time you are filling the form. Address field lets you set a widget for the address.

File upload field allows you to place a file upload field through which users can upload a document. Phone number field lets you set a field for initial country code and a separate field for 10 digit numbers.

You can simply drag and drop the fields you want and enjoy the benefits of seamless integration, multisite creation, custom registration pages, and PayPal integration. This add-on also lets users automatically register directly on your WordPress site after signing up.

User registration form also provides you with the ability to integrate other add-ons to the current registration form. For example, you can add a payment gateway to the registration form where users have to pay to register.

Pricing- This add-on is included with the Elite license of Gravity forms worth $259.

2. Polls

Polls Gravity Forms

The LearnDash plugin does not come with a built-in feature for creating polls in the forms. And If you’re looking to gather quick feedback from your students on specific topics, with the help of Learndash custom development, you can do so.

For instance, if you’re a gym trainer, you can use Polls to determine which foods gym enthusiasts prefer to eat, helping you create better diet plans. Setting up and examining poll results is easy and efficient, making them a valuable tool for any teacher.

Gravity Forms polls are especially useful for LearnDash courses, where teachers can create a poll through which they can understand which topics were found difficult by students. Teachers can use this information to add more examples to that topic to make it easier for students to understand.

With the Gravity Forms Polls Add-On, it gets easier to customize LearnDash by creating and running polls, setting the results to public or private, and allowing you to create unlimited polls for your form.

Pricing- You get this add-on with the Elite license of Gravity forms for $259.

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3. Gravity Forms Image Choices

Gravity Forms Image Choices

The LearnDash plugin lets you create a simple registration form but what if you want to create a form which has images describing the context. LearnDash doesn’t offer you that feature.

Gravity Forms Image Choices is an add-on that lets you add images to your forms instead of just text. You can use images for radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down menus, product fields, polls, and quizzes. However, if you find it challenging to implement this feature manually, we recommend opting for custom LearnDash development services that can help you with the process.

This add-on allows you to control how the images are displayed within the design style with cover, natural or fit options. It not only lets you select the design style that suits your form but also allows you to check the preview of the image that you have selected before you make it live on the site. Design styles include, Simple, Cover tile, Polaroid, Float card, Porthole and Circle.

Pricing- This add-on is available for $49.

4. Gravity forms Survey

Gravity Forms Surveys

LearnDash does not have a survey form of its own. Here’s where Gravity forms surveys come in handy.

Survey forms are a great way to increase the efficiency of LearnDash courses. Teachers primarily use them to receive feedback from the students.

This add-on allows you to create custom surveys like a Feedback survey, Market research survey, or customer satisfaction survey. You can always opt for LearnDash customization.

You can choose from eight types of survey fields, including Likert Scale, Rank, Rating, Checkboxes, Dropdown, Paragraph Text, Single Line Text, and Radio Buttons.

If you are seriously looking to add survey form to your LearnDash plugin, you should definitely check our earlier blog: How to add Survey Form to your LearnDash course

Pricing- The Elite license of Gravity Forms, priced at $259, comes with this included add-on.

Wrapping up

Gravity Forms is one of the best forms plugin for creating engaging and effective forms for LearnDash.

In this article we discussed 4 add-ons for Gravity forms which will enhance your form to the next level. User registration add-on creates a seamless registration form with more advanced fields for your customers. Polls add-on lets you add polls to your form for better interaction.

Survey forms allow you to create customer satisfaction forms, product feedback surveys, market research forms and much more. Lastly, Gravity forms image choices add-on provides you with the feature of adding images to your forms for a better learner engagement.

So, whether you want to create a user registration form, set polls for students, create survey forms for feedback, or add images, Gravity Forms with LearnDash is the smart choice. It is always a great choice to seek help from a LearnDash website developer to customize your LearnDash.

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